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Stunning Dalat Waterfalls in Vietnam

The Dalat waterfalls are a true forty meters high miracle of nature with the multiple cascades and green scenery around

Best time: April–September

Stunning Dalat Waterfalls

The waterfalls are really famous around the world and are a true miracle in Vietnam. Buddhists come to pray here, and tourists come to be amazed by it. The Dalat Waterfalls can be visited all year round, but during the rainy season, the waters from the downpours power the falls and colour them into muddy yellow which reflects the sun.

Therefore, if you want to witness the waterfalls at their fullest and best, rainy season is the time to go. Some of the most spectacular ones are Pongour, Elephant, and Bao Dai waterfalls.

Practical info

What is the best time of the year to visit Dalat Waterfalls in Vietnam?

When the rainy season ends between April and September, the Dalat Waterfalls is at its fullest and most beautiful, providing a stunning view for visitors. The Central Highlands have a monsoon tropical climate, with only wet and dry seasons. During these months, the area is lush and verdant, which adds to its beauty and charms visitors throughout their stay. The thunderous cascades provide visitors with great photo opportunities. Show more

How deep are the pools at the bottom of the waterfalls?

The bottom pools in Dalat Waterfalls are shallow, mostly not exceeding one meter deep, but the depth may change according to the amount of water running through the waterfalls. Visitors must strictly follow warning signs and act on advice from locals, especially during the rainy season, when currents are strong and may cause accidents. Prioritizing safety is critical when visiting the waterfalls. Show more

What is the history behind the name 'Bao Dai Waterfalls'?

Bao Dai Waterfalls were named after Vietnam's last emperor, Bao Dai, who loved the Central Highlands where the falls are located. The waterfalls are in Lam Dong Province, which was once his summer palace. Bao Dai enjoyed serene fishing moments in this area and thus established a close relationship with it. The falls are a representation of his attachment to nature, preserving his cultural legacy and the land's beauty. Show more

Are there any hiking trails around the Dalat Waterfalls?

Several hiking trails of varying difficulty levels surround Dalat Waterfalls, leading visitors through lush forests with diverse flora and fauna. Hikers can enjoy a refreshing dip in the river while exploring the adjacent natural surroundings, including the Elephant Waterfall Trail, Pongour Waterfall Trail, or Tiger's Cave Waterfall Trail. Adventurous tourists can enlist a local guide for easy navigation around the area. Show more

Can visitors swim in the pools at the bottom of the waterfalls?

Dalat Waterfalls are a popular swimming location, and visitors are allowed to enjoy swimming in its crystal-clear and cold pools at the waterfalls' base. However, it is imperative to always check the pool depths before jumping in and follow instructions from warning signs indicating potentially dangerous areas. Visitors must help keep the area clean to preserve the falls' pristine environment and wildlife habitat. Show more

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