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Grunas Waterfall in Theth

This is probably the most romantic place in the country


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The mountain peaks, crystal-clear rivers, and waterfalls of Albania are still unexplored by tourists. Hiking to the National Parks of Albania will let you discover flora and fauna, magnificent waterfalls, and mountain rivers of the area. Far north in the distance from civilization, there is a village of Thethi, the gateway to the Theth National Park. It attracts tourists with the incredible beauty of the Albanian Alps, the Grunas Gorge, and the gem of the park—the Grunas waterfall.

Just ask locals about "ujvara" meaning "waterfall," and they will show you the way. This waterfall was declared a natural monument and a treasure under the protection of the state. It has a height of 30 m. Its peculiarity is that all of its water comes entirely from snow. To view the waterfall from a different angle, get to the other side of the water: you need to go around it on the right, jump over the pebbles and slip inside behind the veil.

The best time to visit Theth National Park for the waterfalls is mild season between spring and autumn, namely from March to November.

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