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Grunas Waterfall in Theth in Albania

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Best time: March–November

Grunas Waterfall in Theth

The mountain peaks, crystal-clear rivers, and waterfalls of Albania are still unexplored by tourists. Hiking to the National Parks of Albania will let you discover flora and fauna, magnificent waterfalls, and mountain rivers of the area. Far north in the distance from civilization, there is a village of Thethi, the gateway to the Theth National Park. It attracts tourists with the incredible beauty of the Albanian Alps, the Grunas Gorge, and the gem of the park—the Grunas waterfall.

Just ask locals about "ujvara" meaning "waterfall," and they will show you the way. This waterfall was declared a natural monument and a treasure under the protection of the state. It has a height of 30 m. Its peculiarity is that all of its water comes entirely from snow. To view the waterfall from a different angle, get to the other side of the water: you need to go around it on the right, jump over the pebbles and slip inside behind the veil.

The best time to visit Theth National Park for the waterfalls is mild season between spring and autumn, namely from March to November.

Practical info

What is notable about Grunas waterfall in Theth?

The Grunas waterfall in Theth National Park is a natural wonder whose water source comes from snow. The waterfall has a unique beauty where water cascades down over rocks that are surrounded by colorful trees and vegetation. The Albanian government has taken action to protect the waterfall, and as a result, the area has become one of the most visited attractions for tourists in Albania. Show more

How challenging is the hike to Theth National Park?

Under average conditions, completing the 12.5 km well-marked hiking trail to reach Theth village takes around 6 hours. While traversing the path, hikers are offered breathtaking views of the Albanian Alps, the Thethi valley, and the mesmerizing Grunas waterfall. Hikers must ensure they are physically capable and possess appropriate gear to withstand the challenging trail. Lastly, they should bring sufficient food, water and other supplies for the trek. Show more

What transportation options are available to travelers to get to Theth village?

Venturing to Theth village may pose some difficulties as it is located in a fairly remote area of the Albanian Alps. Two means of transportation that can get you there are 4x4 vehicles or a combination of bus and taxi rides. Since the roads may be rough and steep in some parts, it's preferable to use 4x4 vehicles. Additionally, taking a bus ride from Tirana to Shkoder, then following it up with a taxi ride to Theth is possible. The journey to Theth is an adventure that reveals captivating landscapes that will make the effort worthwhile. Show more

Are there any restrictions on swimming in Grunas waterfall?

While exploring the Grunas waterfall in Albania, it is necessary to note that swimming is not allowed due to safety concerns such as sharp rocks and swift water currents. Without proper supervision, there is a possibility of accidents. Jumping from cliffs, rocks, and the waterfall is also dangerous without protection. Tourists, however, can still view the waterfall from a safe distance to enjoy its beauty and take pictures. Show more

What other natural wonders can tourists find at Theth National Park?

There are several other must-see natural attractions and landmarks aside from the Grunas waterfall in Theth National Park. One of them is the Blue Eye, a small lagoon that has water with hues of green and blue. Tourists may also explore Valbona Pass and Valbona Valley National Park, ideal spots for hiking and skiing. Other attractions include the shepherd's trail, an ancient footway, and an abundance of flora and fauna for wildlife lovers. Show more

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