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Wallace Falls in Washington

A spectacular waterfall located on the west side of the Cascade Mountains

Wallace Falls
Wallace Falls
Middle Wallace Falls

Wallace Falls encompasses a series of waterfalls located at Wallace Falls State Park, 47 mi (75 km) northeast of Seattle. The waterfall cannot be viewed entirely. Its first part, Upper Wallace Falls, drops 260 ft (73 m) in five separate tiers. The middle section is 367 ft (112 m), and Lower Wallace Falls drops 212 ft (65 m) in five tiers. The Middle Wallace Falls is the most spectacular section that can be viewed from the Skykomish Valley. On the Wallace Falls trail, there are three outlooks that will let you see different sections of the waterfall. The Lower Falls are located two miles from the trailhead and feature a picnic area. After a steep ascent of half a mile, you'll reach the outlook of the Middle Falls. From there, you can either go back or continue on the steepest section of the trail to get to Upper Falls.

Best time to visit Wallace Falls

Even though Wallace Falls State Park is open for visitors year-round, the hiking season in Washington generally runs from April through October. May is an excellent month to see Wallace Falls in full capacity, with maximum volume and power after the spring snowmelt. However, considering that it rains quite a bit in Washington in all seasons, summer is also a good time to visit the waterfall and take advantage of the numerous outdoor activities nearby. In winter, it's possible to see the waterfall partially frozen, and snow on the trail can add some magic to your pictures.

Things to do at Wallace Falls

Wallace Falls State Park offers 12 miles of hiking trails. In addition to the Wallace Falls trail, you can hike the Greg Ball Trail and reach junctures to Wallace and Jay lakes. In the summer, the park offers swimming, boating, fishing, and white water kayaking. A boat ramp and swimming beach are located at Big Eddy Park, a few miles east. The area also offers a rock-climbing wall 8 miles (13 km) east of the park. Camping by the lakes is a popular option during the warmer months.

Where to stay at Wallace Falls

Hikers can stay at Wallace Falls State Park overnight in one of the five comfortable cabins or two walk-in tent sites. There are two campsites as well as backcountry camping at the lakes, located about 5 miles (8 km) from the trailhead. The park has showers and restrooms. Overnight permits are required for Jay Lake and Wallace Lakes.

Being among the most scenic spots of the Cascades, the waterfalls on the Wallace River are a popular hiking destination from Seattle, especially during the summer months.

Practical info

How far is Wallace Falls from Seattle, and how do I get there?

Wallace Falls is situated approximately 47 miles or 75 kilometers away from Seattle. To reach the park entrance by car, visitors need to drive east on US-2 and take a left on 435th Avenue SE. The park can take an hour to an hour and a half to reach, depending on the traffic. Visitors can also take a bus from Seattle to Wallace Falls State Park on weekdays through Monroe and Sultan. Show more

What is the best time to visit Wallace Falls State Park?

To see the full intensity of Wallace Falls, May is the perfect month to visit as the snow has melted in spring. However, the park remains open year-round and offers several outdoor activities during summers, such as rock-climbing, camping, fishing, kayaking, etc. Irrespective of the season, the state of Washington consistently experiences rain, and visitors should pack accordingly. In winter, visitors can catch a glimpse of the frozen waterfall, an incredible sight for nature photographers. Show more

What are the hiking options available at Wallace Falls State Park?

Wallace Falls State Park has more than 12 miles of hiking trails, including the Wallace Falls trail, where visitors can catch three different views of the waterfall. The Greg Ball Trail's uphill climb of half a mile is challenging, but it offers an excellent view of Middle Falls. Jay and Wallace lakes are other popular trails in the park. Visitors can camp, rock-climb, fish, kayak, and perform other activities during warmer months. Show more

What are the other outdoor activities to do near Wallace Falls?

Several outdoor activities can be enjoyed near Wallace Falls, such as white-water kayaking, fishing, boating, and swimming in Big Eddy Park, which is only a few miles from the park. Adventure seekers can try the rock-climbing wall that is eight miles from the park. Near the area, visitors can also find plenty of hiking trails with remarkable views of the Cascades. By driving a few miles from Wallace Falls, guests can explore even more options. Show more

Where can I stay overnight at Wallace Falls?

Visitors who plan to stay overnight at Wallace Falls State Park can book from five cabins and two walk-in tent sites. The lakes have a couple of camping spots and backcountry camping that offer stunning views of the area, located about 5 miles from the trailhead. Showers and bathrooms are provided for guests in the park. Overnight permits are necessary to stay at Jay Lake and Wallace Lakes. Show more

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