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You can never get enough of amazing things to see and do on Maui. But should we mention that the majestic and wild waterfalls of the island are on the top of the list? Most of the Maui's waterfalls are located on the northeast side of West Maui and East Maui's slopes and look outstanding during the wet season that runs from November through March. You might even find swimming holes at some waterfalls where you can go in a swim or for a dip. Just make sure there are no 'caution' or 'no swimming' signs.

Twin Falls

Being easily accessible, Twin Falls is considered to be one of the best cascades on Maui. You can get to this fantastic spectacle as your first stop on the Road to Hana, a famous attractive drive that makes for the perfect day trip. As soon as you arrive at Twin Falls, you’ll discover a short and easy hike that leads straight to the falls. This spot takes its name from the two streams of water that cascade side-by-side over a cave opening. Spend a few minutes taking pictures and then jump in for a swim! On your way back to the car, you can pick up fresh fruit, smoothies, baked goods, and more at the snack stand.

Upper Waikani Falls

The Upper Waikani Falls consists of three large, side by side waterfalls. Known as the Three Bears, these waterfalls are well-known because they are easy to witness right from the road. They are situated right off of Hana Highway. At first, the hike to get down by the falls can be slippery, but it gets much easier afterward. There is also the pool at the bottom of the falls, which a great spot to take a swim and chill. So bring your swimming suit.

Makahiku Falls

The Makahiku Falls is a 200-foot (61-m) tall waterfall which is considered a horsetail waterfall because of keeping contact with the bedrock nearly the entire way down. The water begins falling as a tight stream, which then widens towards the bottom and resembles a horse’s tail. The Makahiku Falls situated along the Pipiwai Trail in the Kipahulu District of Haleakala National Park.

Ohe’o Gulch

Also known as the Seven Sacred Pools, Ohe’o Gulch features seven swimming holes connected by waterfalls. Those pools are currently closed, so you are not able to swim in them, but you can still observe them within Haleakala National Park.

Witnessing the exceptional beauty of every waterfall on the island would be quite an achievement for an adventure traveler. So plan ahead to see every waterfall at its finest!

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