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Paradise Falls in California

One of a few waterfalls thriving in the hot and dry climate of the Thousand Oaks area

Paradise Falls
Paradise Falls
Paradise Falls, Thousand Oaks, California
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Paradise Falls cascades 40 feet (12 m) down the steep canyon into a huge pool in Wildwood Regional Park, hence its second name of Wildwood Falls. The year-round flow makes it one of the rarest waterfalls that manages to get on well with the dry and hot climate of Thousand Oaks in the greater Los Angeles area. What's more, Paradise Falls is renowned among the top perennial falls within Southern California.

When is the best time to visit Paradise Falls?

The waterfall promises to impress regardless of the season, but we suggest that the best time of year to visit is September through May, excluding the sweltering summer months. Anyway, the temperature hovers around 70–80 °F (21–27 °C) in June and August and rarely plunges below 60 °F (16 °C) in winter. Note that the drop would be the most spectacular after rain. So keeping an eye on the weather forecast is also a great idea. Wildwood Park is open daily from 7:30 am until sunset. No matter what season you pick, make sure you bring along plenty of water.

Things to do at Paradise Falls

Unfortunately, swimming is not recommended in the deep creek beneath the waterfall, as the seemingly clear water is polluted with street runoff. However, you'll find other things to do around. Take your time to enjoy surrounding beauty while having a snack at one of the available picnic areas. Also, check out other Wildwood Park's attractions, including the famous Lizard Rock and Indian Cave. Or discover more waterfall hikes nearby, such as Escondido Falls.

How to get to Paradise Falls?

Paradise Falls is located in relatively close proximity to numerous cities, including Los Angeles (roughly 50-minute drive), Santa Barbara (an hour), Long Beach (1 h 10 min), Huntington Beach (1 h 30 min), and Palm Springs (2 h 20 min). As you reach the main parking lot, the easy to moderate trails network is there for you to navigate. The shortest hike to Paradise Falls is 1.5 miles (2.4 km) one way. Paradise Falls Trail is family-friendly and dog-friendly, with an elevation gain of around 300 feet (90 m). Take your hike easy from the start as you'll be walking downhill towards Paradise Falls. Save your energy for the return journey uphill. Many also choose to get to the waterfall by Mesa, North Teepee, and Moonridge Trail. This loop requires to walk about 2.7 miles (4.3 km) and its elevation gain is about 495 feet (151 m).

Where to stay at Paradise Falls?

Look at the Paradise Falls map below, choose from multiple lodging options, and book the one that suits you best in terms of location and price.

For any additional information regarding Paradise Falls, please contact California State Parks.

Practical info

Can people go swimming in Paradise Falls?

It's not advisable to swim in the polluted deep creek beneath Paradise Falls because of the pollution from street runoff. Despite this restriction, visitors can still admire the beauty of the waterfall and enjoy picnics in one of the nearby picnic areas. Nearby, visitors can explore Escondido Falls, which provides a safer environment for swimming and other water activities. Show more

What other waterfalls can be found in the area?

Aside from Paradise Falls, another nearby waterfall hike to consider is Escondido Falls, which offers a three-tier waterfall trail. The lower area of the trail features a creek, while the upper part provides stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Beyond Escondido Falls, visitors can expect to find a range of hiking trails and outdoor activities in other parts of Southern California. Show more

What kind of activities can be enjoyed in Wildwood Park besides visiting Paradise Falls?

Wildwood Park not only allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of Paradise Falls but also explore other park attractions such as Lizard Rock and Indian Cave. Visitors can have a picnic outdoors and hike trails ranging from easy to moderate. Wildwood Park also provides other family-friendly activities, which makes it an excellent vacation destination. Show more

What is the best route to take when visiting Paradise Falls?

Located in Wildwood Regional Park, Paradise Falls is accessible through various trails such as Mesa, North Teepee, and Moonridge Trail. The main parking lot has an easy-to-moderate hike of 1.5 miles (2.4 km), but other trails can take up to 2.7 miles (4.3 km) to reach the waterfall. Visitors can access the waterfall through any of these trails based on their preference and convenience. Show more

What are the vacation accommodation options available near Paradise Falls?

In Wildwood Park, the only accommodation available is the park campground. However, visitors can opt for nearby lodging options in Long Beach or Santa Barbara, among other places. These options feature motels, hotels and vacation rentals, allowing visitors to choose an option based on their location and price preferences. Visit the Paradise Falls map below for a full list of lodging options that best suit each visitor's preference. Show more

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