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Devil's Bathtub in Virginia

The popular swimming hole is hidden in a scenic setting, but prepare to get wet

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Devil's Bathtub
Devil's Bathtub
Devil's Bathtub

The Devil’s Bathtub is a beautiful and deep natural pool of crystal clear water, located near Fort Blackmore, in Southwest Virginia. It can be reached by a 5.1 km (3.2 mi) roundtrip trail that runs through a scenic forest. Even though the trail features just 76 m (250 ft) elevation gain, it is considered to be difficult since it involves lots of boulder climbing. There are also over a dozen stream crossings on this trail, so visitors should be careful in spring when the water is high and the rapids are fast. Even if you come during the dry weather, there is a chance you will get wet and muddy on this trail.

The Devil's Bathtub trail (Devil's Fork Trail) is well-marked, and since it goes along the Devil's Fork Creek, it's almost impossible to get lost. At the end of the trail, visitors are rewarded with a view of a few small waterfalls and at least two large pools filled with turquoise water that can serve as perfect swimming holes during the warm time of the year. Make sure you keep walking to the second pool—the Devil's Bathtub. After that, you'll have an option of going back or climbing a small mountain and taking a different route back to the trailhead.

In summer, the Devil's Bathtub trail can be rather crowded, so the best time to visit the area is during weekdays or early in the morning.

Practical info

What is the optimal time to experience a less crowded Devil's Bathtub?

The Devil's Bathtub trail in Southwest Virginia is bustling during summer but is less crowded on weekdays and early in the day. Keep in mind though, shorter daylight hours during morning visits may limit the beauty one can experience. Thoughtful planning will make all the difference in a calmer visit. Show more

What level of difficulty should visitors expect when visiting the Devil's Bathtub trail?

When conquering the Devil's Bathtub trail with more than a dozen streams to cross and plenty of boulder clambering, visitors should anticipate a challenging trek. With an elevation gain of approximately 76m and a distance of 5.1km, it is crucial to bring along necessary equipment such as waterproof boots, trekking poles, food, and water. Be sure to include a first aid kit in preparation for the expected muddy and damp landscape. Show more

Is it possible to take a dip in the Devil's Bathtub and are there any regulations to follow?

The crystal clear and distinct turquoise waters make the Devil's Bathtub the perfect spot to take a swim, however, always use caution when swimming. While it is safe to swim, visitors should be aware that there are no lifeguards on duty, the waters can be cold, and they should prevent leaving trash behind to keep the area pristine and beautiful for the next person. Show more

Where is the Devil's Bathtub located, and what mode of transportation is recommended to get there?

The Devil's Bathtub is situated in Scott County, Southwest Virginia, close to Fort Blackmore. Visitors need to take VA-619, turning in at Dungannon Road and following signs to the parking area. Walking along the Devil's Fork Trail for approximately 2.6 km will lead to the Bathtub. It's important to note that the trail is situated in a remote area without public transportation, so visitors will need to plan accordingly when considering transportation options. Show more

What are some alternative activities and nearby attractions that visitors can explore while visiting the Devil's Bathtub?

There are many activities to engage in while visiting the Devil's Bathtub that are a must-see while in Southwest, Virginia. Visitors can indulge in camping or hiking or attend guided tours at Natural Tunnel State Park, Breaks Interstate Park, or Jefferson National Forest. For panoramic views of Tennessee and Virginia, visitors should visit the High Knob Observation Tower. Taking advantage of exploring the surrounding area will enhance their experience further. Show more

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