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Laguna Roja or Devil's Lagoon

Discovered in remote Andean area only in 2009, this place has already gained a notorious fame as a cursed possession of the devil himself


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Sometimes we think we've already explored our planet to its full, and there must be no secret spots left to be discovered, but this very red lagoon testifies the opposite. Set high in Chilean Andes at nearly 3,700 m above the sea level in extremely remote Camarones area near Camiña, this lagoon was unknown to the Chilean Tourism Office until 2009, when it became a local tourist attraction.

Even though it has become known to public relatively recently, the lake has already gained quite an interesting reputation. The legend says the red lagoon or red sea, as locals refer to it, belongs to the devil himself. Alleged reports of mysterious deaths and disappearances along the coast, and also of those who took some water from the lake, serve as the evidence. Wildlife also stays away from the area, which obviously means something. Most likely it's because of quite hot water, temperatures hitting some 50°C.

Provided we discarded all the superstitions, the lake still remains blood-red, and so do the nearby streams. If you dip your feet into the weird-coloured liquid, you'll leave rather creepy red footsteps.

Biologists suppose that color is caused by algae living on the bottom of the lake. By the way, the depth of the Red Lagoon is yet to be discovered. Despite all the conducted studies, the natural site continues to be quite a mystery.

Since 2009, several tourist agencies have been offering tours to this mystic destination. The access to the area opens from Camiña. Outside of summertime, Andean Mountains see cold weather, nights are particularly freezing. Snow and ice could also hinder the way. Therefore, it's recommended to visit the area during hiking season—between late November and late March.

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