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The Death Road (Camino a los Yungas)

June–August • activity

If you have the courage to cycle down the formidable frozen Andes into the hot jungles, you will be considered a true hero

Isla del Sol and Lake Titicaca

May–October • nature

These ancient ruins are the only remnants of a more severe Bolivian past when death was the verdict for those accused of lies, laziness, or theft


May–October • nature

These large Bolivian rodents love bathing in the mud, feeding, and never stop being cute

Walk the Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats

May–October • nature

It's easy to explore the world's largest salt flats during the dry season


May–November • activity

Meeting llamas on an island​ set amidst the salt flat is no problem, the tricky part is getting there

Float the Amazon

May–October • activity

The waters of the Amazon river surprise with pink dolphins and the banks reveal splendid jungle abounding with birds and mammals


May–September • activity

Hiking from the lush green subtropics to glacial mountain peaks you can enjoy the full palette of nature's colours

Train Cemetery

May–October • activity

Abandoned, disassembled, and covered with graffiti these trains resemble toys of a giant naughty child

Pink Dolphins in the Amazon River

May–October • nature

Swimming with these bizarre-coloured friendly creatures is a lot of fun

Potosi Mines

May–October • activity

The Devil rules in grueling Bolivian mines, and the miners' destiny depends on his mood

Сycling and Motorbiking

May–October • activity

There's no better way to enjoy the scenery of Bolivia than on two wheels!

Squirrel Monkeys

May–October • nature

Watching these pretty long-tailed fellows play is truly amusing

Mountain​ Climbing

July–August • activity

Climbing the highest Bolivian peaks is an important lifetime achievement for any mountaineer or adventure enthusiast


May–December • activity

Bolivian birdlife is splendid from the lowland jungles and Amazon to the Andes and high altitude lagoons

Valle de la Luna

June–September • nature

Check out the unique beautiful shapes and colours of Bolivia's Moon Valley

Cruise and Sail on Lake Titicaca

May–September • activity

One shouldn't miss the world's most navigable lake, its islands full of Inca ruins, and rare giant frogs

Piranha Fishing

May–October • activity

Waters seem to boil as a school of piranhas devours your bait—both frightening and awe-inspiring!

Dinosaur Footprints

May–October • activity

Thousands of ​dinosaur​ tracks have been here for nearly 70 million years—an amazing historical site

Cholita Wrestling

every Sunday • activity

If you think women can't be ruthless wrestlers, you may be surprised by the indigenous Bolivians


Lake at Salt Flats or Salar de Uyuni

not in rangeNovember–April • nature

Sky beneath and sky above, eternal peace and infinite beauty—this must be what Heaven looks like

Oruro Carnaval

not in rangeFebruary 09–12, 2018 • event

Symbolic costumed performances and water fighting traditions that go back over 2,000 years


not in rangeDecember–April • nature

The seemingly lifeless blood-red lake, plain rocks, and salt deposits may surprise with rare flamingos and other wildlife

Laguna Verde

not in rangeNovember–March • nature

The afternoon sunshine turns this desolate lake into mesmerizing turquoise to emerald colours

Coca Leaves Harvest

not in rangeMarch | late June | October–November • food

If your first association with "coca" is cocaine or Coca-Cola, you are on the right track

Fiesta del Gran Poder

not in rangeMay 26, 2018 • event

The Lord delights in watching Bolivians trying to outdance one another to please the Gran Poder

Day of the Skulls

not in rangeNovember 08 • event

A remarkable mixture of pagan and Christian traditions turns into sombre but festive celebration of skull in the city of La Paz

Try a Guinea Pig or Cuy

not in rangeDecember 24 • food

An offer of a guinea pig plate is the highest privilege in Bolivia, and refusal is unacceptable!

Inti Raymi or Aymara New Year

not in rangeJune 21 • event

The two-faced and twelve-horned Aya Uma and dancing circles worship sun and nature through ancient Aymara rituals

Fiesta de la Cruz

not in rangeMay 03 (first weekend of May) • event

Instead of oppressive sadness, the cross and crucifixion​ is commemorated through vivid costumed dances

Feria de las Alasitas

not in rangeJanuary 24 (TBC) • event

Do you believe in miracles? Many locals testify that Ekkekko makes small trinkets big

Blooming Cacti

not in rangeSeptember–October • nature

Whether in the dry lowland or wet Andean Altiplano, Bolivian cacti thrive everywhere

Quinoa Harvest

not in rangeApril • food

The perfect occasion to try a range of traditional specialties made of fresh harvested grain

Semana Santa

not in rangeMarch 25–31, 2018 • event

Dramatic hooded robes, the smell of wax in the air, and the overall sense of deep mourning ensure a mysterious​ atmosphere

Tinku Festival

not in rangeearly May • event

When Bolivians let their anger out, even the police are powerless and violent street fights break out

Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead

not in rangeOctober 31–November 02 • event

Is it common in your country to celebrate this occasion with a barbeque at the cemetery​?—In Bolivia it is!

Wild Flowers

not in rangeNovember–March • nature

A wide range of beautiful sleeping wild flowers are awakened by the abundant rainfalls

Quinoa Bloom

not in rangeJanuary–March • nature

Red and yellow fields dazzle beautifully during quinoa blooming season

Search for Anaconda

not in rangeNovember–April • nature

If you don't have a phobia of snakes, this is the place for an amazing adventure

Grape Harvest

not in rangeFebruary–March • food

The world's highest vineyards caressed by loving sun and cooled by caring winds bear top-notch grapes and excellent wines​

Virgen de la Candelaria

not in rangeFebruary 02 • event

The celebration consists of a festive mass, colourful dancing, and the Road to Cavalry which bestows the mercy of the virgin

Butterflies in Tucavaca Valley

not in rangeNovember–December • nature

This lime-coloured confetti is just butterflies in disguise

Toborochi Tree in Bloom

not in rangeJuly • nature

If not for the toborochi trunk that enabled the birth of Bolivia's savior, the country might still be haunted by evil spirits