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Cholita Wrestling in Bolivia

If you think women can't be ruthless wrestlers, you may be surprised by the indigenous Bolivians

Best time: every Sunday

Cholita Wrestling
Cholita Wrestling
Cholita Wrestling
Cholita Wrestling

One can hardly imagine what is going to happen when watching a pair of strong-built indigenous Bolivian beauties dancing in traditional clothes around the rink and casting wide South American smiles at the audience. The final ring calls them onto the wrestling rink, where a stunning metamorphosis occurs: the ladies turn into savages. They fight ruthlessly till the last breath, slapping one another in their faces, pulling braids, and throwing each other onto the mat.

When things really get going you better stay alert, especially if you happen to occupy the first row—seats and boards are frequently used in the fight.

This kind of wrestling is called Cholita Wrestling making reference to the furious women in skirts, as the word "cholitas" is a ​local derogative name for women.

All in all, the spectacle is truly unique, hardly anywhere else on earth could you find somet​hing similar to this sport, violent but still safe at the same time. Traditional Bolivian female wrestling takes place every Sunday night in La Paz.

Practical info

When can you attend Cholita Wrestling in Bolivia?

Cholita Wrestling is a traditional Bolivian female wrestling that happens every Sunday night in La Paz. It is an unforgettable experience that showcases the colorful culture and identity of Bolivian women. Show more

Where can you witness the Bolivian women's traditional wrestling?

La Paz in Bolivia is where Cholita Wrestling occurs. It is a famous traditional female wrestling event that takes place every Sunday night. Expect to see Bolivian women wearing colorful skirts and ornate bowler hats which are symbols of their identity during the event. Show more

What clothing do Bolivian women wear when they participate in wrestling?

Bolivian women who take part in Cholita Wrestling wear traditional clothing, such as colorful skirts, ponchos, and ornate bowler hats. These garments serve as symbols of their identity, and they add a unique flavor to the wrestling event in Bolivia. Show more

What fighting techniques are typical of Cholita Wrestling, and are these techniques safe?

Cholita Wrestling is a popular Bolivian female wrestling event that employs a broad range of fighting techniques such as hair-pulling, slapping, and throwing. The women may also use chairs and other objects to enhance the visual appeal of the event. However, safety standards are maintained, ensuring the participants are safe. Show more

Is it safe for the audience to attend Cholita Wrestling, and are there any precautionary measures in place?

Although Cholita Wrestling can be violent, the organizers ensure that the audience is safe by taking various precautions, such as allocating safe seating arrangements. The first row occupants must be careful since the fighters may use seats and boards. However, it is a unique and exhilarating spectacle that perfectly captures the essence of Bolivian women's traditional wrestling. Show more

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