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November–mid-April • nature

With the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere, Argentina becomes home to a huge Magellanic Penguin colony

Dry Salinas Grandes

April–November • nature

These salt flats, the third largest in the world, are among the country's biggest attractions

Wild Horses

October–April • nature

Meet incredibly fast and graceful animals living in the pristine corners of Argentina and Chile

Tierra del Fuego

October–April • nature

The southernmost tip of the planet is often named "fin del mundo" or "end of the world"

Greater Rhea

August–January • nature

There is a theory that the greater rhea is the first flightless bird and all kinds of ostriches are derived from them

Burrowing Parrot Watching

September–February • nature

These parrots are friendly with people, pretty tame, and can even learn the pronunciation of some words!

Perito Moreno Glacier

November–March • nature

Don't be dissuaded by the popularity of this place because no matter how many tourists come, all these people are just a pathetic dot against the background of the vast mass of glacier!

White Water Rafting

November–March • activity

Collect your team and set off to conquer river rapids on a raft in Patagonia


March–May | October–December (all year round) • activity

Discover the mythical Pampas with its parks, reserves, and villages, meet face-to-face with gauchos, and learn about Argentina's traditional rural life

Orcas around Valdes Peninsula

February–April (Punta Norte) | September–December (Caleta Valdes and Punta Delgada) | all year round (Punta Ninfas) • nature

A hungry orca would come to up to the shore to catch a naive sea lion for lunch

Misiones Jungle

March–May | September–November • nature

Explore the jungle of the province of Misiones to discover the green treasures of this region

Tren a las Nubes

year round (best March–mid-December) • activity

This attraction is for adventurers and train trip fans

Arenales Rock Climbing

October–April • activity

Mountain climbing in the Arenales Valley is always full of romance and adventure

Puente del Inca (The Inca's Bridge)

September–May • nature

Puente del Inca is fanned with secrets and legends, it's a unique place to reveal the mystery

Domuyo Volcano

October–April • activity

If you have an adventurous spirit and good stamina, explore the active Domuyo Volcano which still shakes and rumbles

Tea Harvest

November–April • food

Argentine tea is a product of excellent quality and gives a heavy infusion with an earthy taste

Climbing Mount Aconcagua

mid-November–March • activity

The highest peak in Argentina, in South America, in Western Hemisphere

Cueva de las Manos (Cave of the Hands)

September–February • activity

These prehistoric settlements, thanks to unique cultural elements, have turned Cueva de las Manos into an amazing spot!


November–March • activity

Vast Argentina is one of the world's best hiking destinations


February–mid-December • activity

Discover the extreme world of Pato in Argentina invented by the Gauchos over three centuries ago


November–March • activity

Jump into a boat and explore the water expanses of Patagonia

Erythrina or Ceibo Flowers

October–April (best November–February) • nature

Enjoy the blooming of the cockspur coral tree with striking deep-red flowers during Argentina's summers

Ice Climbing

November–April • activity

Ice climbing is very popular, though dangerous, activity in Argentina

Patagonian Cormorants

October–February • nature

Check out four local shag species while they are nesting in colonies along Argentina's coastline


April–November • food

A delicious mix of meat, corn, and seasonal vegetables

Ischigualasto Provincial Park (Valle de la Luna)

April–November • nature

Argentina's Moon Valley is an unearthly treasure and a must-see attraction!


all year round (best April–December) • nature

Bird lovers from all over the world come to Esteros del Ibera hoping to see some of the world's rarest species


November–March • activity

Argentina has a pair of finest wind-blown lakes favoured by keen windsurfers

Burrowing Owl Nesting Season

October–December • nature

These very pretty birds with big yellow eyes make their nests deep underground

Sea Lion Pups

January–November • nature

Check out these sea lions and their pups in Puerto Piramides!


late February–early March | September–December • activity

Soaring among mountainous ridges and above expansive hills is the dream of any thrill seeker!

Southern Elephant Seals

August–March • nature

The Southern Elephant Seals got their name because of the large trunk of adult males, which resembles an elephant's trunk.

Southern Right Whale Watching

June–December • nature

Peninsula Valdes is the site of the highest concentration of southern right whales

Southern Giant Petrel

November–March • nature

This truly giant bird impresses with its dimensions, as well as carrion-based diet, and is best observed in breeding colonies on Patagonian coast

Pampas Deer

September–November • nature

Watch these tender animals lying in the sun in the morning, bathing in rivers, or hiding in high grass, but don't scare them away

Dolphin Watching

mid–November–March • nature

These playful creatures swim near the boats of tourists, demonstrating a real circus show in the water


March–November • activity

Having caught a wave on Mar del Plata, you'll understand why this is the surf capital of Argentina

Kitesurfing on Nahuel Huapi

November–February • activity

Strong summer winds and sunny weather on Lake Nahuel Huapi is perfect for kiteboarders and a good opportunity to show off your skills!

Pozo de las Animas (Well of Souls)

all year round • nature

Stop by to pray for the lost souls


Flooded Salinas Grandes

January–March • nature

While some tourists try to avoid the flooded season, they seem to be missing out quite a surreal spectacle

Gualeguaychú Carnival

January 12–March 04, 2019 • event

This celebration is not some show for tourists but a really authentic holiday for locals and it claims to be the world's longest carnival!

Carnaval Porteño (Buenos Aires Carnival)

February 02–March 05, 2019 • event

Discover the artistic expressions of various neighbourhoods, their songs, and urban folk customs at the Carnaval Porteño

The Longest Night in the World

June 21 • event

Every year on June 21 sleeping is forbidden in Ushuaia

Guanaco Fighting

early December–early January • nature

According to the strict rules of the animal world, a male has to win the coveted female in a fight

Rugby Championship

October 07, 2018 • event

Argentina provides the ideal environment for tempering the character that is needed to become a world-class player

Tilcara Carnival

March 02–10, 2019 • event

Dressed as devils, men glorify Mother Earth—an unusual festival, isn't it?

Marcha del Orgullo LGBTI (Buenos Aires Gay Pride)

November 10, 2018 • event

The November gay pride parade in the Argentina’s capital has been held since 1992

Iguazu Falls

August–September | December–April • nature

Rumor has it that when Lady Roosevelt saw Iguazu for the first time, she said: "Poor Niagara."

Rabas Fritas (Aros de Calamar)

February–August • food

Try this amazing and delicious snack that is ready in a few minutes!

Trekking in Bariloche

December–March • activity

Bariloche is rightly called "South American Switzerland" and is ideal for trekking

Grape Harvest

late February–April • activity

Grape harvesting is surrounded by many myths and customs in Mendoza, among which there is this holiday—Fiesta de la Vendimia

Olive Harvest

April–May • food

Excellent olive oil is a noble product in the Mendoza Province. Its production is still a family business around here

Easter Food

April 21–23, 2019 • food

The largest and most revered religious holiday in Argentina is also a great occasion to try local seasonal treats

Beach Season

December–February • activity

Argentina's wide range of beaches attract visitors to its eastern coast washed by the Atlantic

Flamingo Watching

December–February • nature

Pink flamingos are an amazing sight, especially when these birds get together in huge numbers

May Revolution Day (Día de la Revolución de Mayo)

May 25 • event

Witness Independence Day in Buenos Aires!


December 08–December 25 • event

Christmas in Argentina is a holiday of the soul!

Quebrada de Humahuaca

May–August • nature

The “Rainbow Mountains” of the valley of Quebrada de Humahuaca are a natural miracle of Argentina, especially beautiful in the mornings when the first rays of the sun fall on the valley

Skiing and Snowboarding in the Andes

June–September • activity

A ski trip to Argentina is especially nice for those who miss snow in Northern Hemisphere

Festival of Tradition (Gaucho Festival)

November 10–11, 2018 • event

Gaucho cowboys from all over Argentina come to San Antonio de Areco to celebrate their history and lifestyle

Christmas Desserts & Sweets

December 08–January 06 • food

Christmas is a time to taste Argentina's delicious food—especially sweet treats

Dog Sledding

July–September • activity

A great way to discover the winter-time Patagonia