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Argentina has a pair of finest wind-blown lakes favoured by keen windsurfers


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The lovers of extreme watersports never get bored in Argentina—when winter surfing season is over on the ocean, the windsurfing time just begins. One of the most popular locations for this activity is the city of Bariloche located on the shore of a huge mountain lake Nahuel Huapi in picturesque Patagonia. It attracts fans of sailing and windsurfing from around the world and is also home to water competitions every summer.

In January and February, the best windsurfing professionals of our planet come here to take part in a windsurfing event knows as the “Bariloche Classic.” During summer, Bariloche attracts lots of fans of windsurfers due to its strong winds. Thanks to this the waves provide ideal conditions and different levels of difficulties for windsurfers. Windsurfing schools offer their services in training beginners, as well as all the necessary equipment for this activity.

Another place popular among windsurfers worldwide is the Cuesta del Viento’s Dam in Rodeo, the Province of San Juan. The distance between Bariloche and Rodeo is nearly 2,000 km. Thus, it might be somewhat troublesome to check out both of them, so choose what's closer—both are excellent.

Weather conditions in November–March are ideal for both locations. Outside of this season, the wind is not that consistent, and it's also too cold.

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