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Wind- and Kitesurfing in Austria 2024

Catching a good wind is easy if you know where and when to go

Best time: June–September

Wind- and Kitesurfing
Wind- and Kitesurfing

Starting from June, kiters and surfers get together at Lake Achensee in Tyrol. This lake is the biggest here thus it is sometimes called the Tyrolean Sea. The maximum depth is 133 m. Located between the Karwendel mountain range and the Brandenberg Alps, in summer, this lake is characterised by a “thermic wall." This is a very strong breeze that comes from the north around 2 p.m.

Along the lakeshore, you can find numerous surf and sailing clubs. They have all the needed equipment for rental and also organise regattas. In Tyrol, you can also practice kiting and surfing on the artificial lake Durlas Boden Speicher. It is located in the Zillertal valley at a height of 1400 m. It is perfect for beginners and advanced surfers. There you can also find a surf and sailing school.

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When is the best time of the year to go wind- and kitesurfing in Austria?

From June to September, the perfect time to go wind- and kitesurfing in Austria is when Lake Achensee in Tyrol provides an incredibly strong breeze - also referred to as the “thermic wall”. Even with light winds, surfers can still benefit from the thermal ventilation. One can also surf in Durlas Boden Speicher, the artificial lake in the Zillertal valley, from June to October. Show more

Where are the best locations to surf in Austria besides Lake Achensee and Durlas Boden Speicher?

Aside from Lake Achensee and Durlas Boden Speicher, Millstätter See surrounded by panoramic mountain scenery is ideal for windsurfing. For those who seek more challenging conditions, Lake Neusiedl is also popular and regarded to have produced the best Austrian kitesurfers. Additionally, the Flachau lake in Salzburg provides experiences suitable for beginner and advanced surfers alike. Show more

What is the average wind speed on Lake Achensee during the summer months?

The impressive Lake Achensee is located between the Karwendel mountain range and Brandenberg Alps, has a maximum depth of 133 m, and provides conditions suitable for surfers of all levels. During summer months, around 2 p.m., the 'thermic wall' generates intense wind. In case of light wind, there’s still the thermal ventilation for riders, which is perfect for surfing. Here, surf schools and equipment rentals can be found. Show more

What are the conditions like on Durlas Boden Speicher for beginners?

Durlas Boden Speicher is a man-made lake located at the altitude of 1400m and perfect for starters and experienced surfers. The water level isn't too high, and winds are mild. Thanks to the ideal conditions, it makes it an easy place to learn surfing and kiting basics. Professional trainers are available at the lake's surf and sailing school to assist and guide beginners and advanced surfers. Show more

Are there any organized events or competitions for wind- and kitesurfers in Tyrol?

Tyrol, known to be a preferred spot for surfers, hosts various windsurfing and kitesurfing competitions. At Lake Achensee, one may witness the traditional Lake Achensee Cup that attracts international sailors and surfers for a three-day wind and sailing regatta. Lake Neusiedl hosts the Austrian Kitesurf Tour (AKT) and the IKA World Kite League events, which make it a challenging experience for experienced kite surfers. Show more

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