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Kitesurfing & Windsurfing in Valencia

Plenty of beaches with thermal winds to choose from

Best time: April–September | November–March

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Valencia, located on Spain’s southeastern coast, has good conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing all year round. Marina Real Juan Carlos I and Albufera Natural Park are great spots for kitesurfing in the very heart of Valencia. L'Albufera is a freshwater lagoon and estuary on the Gulf of Valencia coast, which suits perfectly for beginners.

However, thermal winds blow the strongest here, starting from April and ending in late September. The city has a few designated beaches for kitesurfers. Playa Oliva Nova has a picturesque landscape of dunes and clear blue waters. Spring and summer months are the best for kiting in Oliva, with thermal winds picking up in the afternoon. E to SE winds blow here with a strength of 16-20 knots.

If you come during a colder time of the year, Punta Molins Beach in Dénia receives strong terrales winds W and NW direction from November to March reaching 25 knots. The vast sandy beach offers plenty of room to lift kites, perfect 0.5-m waves for jumping. The water is ideal for freeride, freestyle, and strapless style.

Windsurfing is very popular in and around Valencia, and most beaches offer windsurfing lessons and rentals. A popular location is a bit remote Plage Nord in Peniscola. It's a long sandy beach north of old town that gets thermal Garbí winds, perfect for freestyle with a beautiful view of the old fortress. Other windsurfing spots north of Valencia include Oropesa del Mar and Els terrers beach.

Also, the coast south of Valencia has some fine and windy beaches to offer. The best spots for a windsurfer are Platja de les Deveses in Dénia, Altea’s Playa de la Olla beach, Platja de San Juan in Alicante, Gran Playa beach, and Playa de Poniente.

Practical info

When is the best time to go to Valencia if you want to go kitesurfing and windsurfing?

Valencia has become one of the most sought-after destinations for kitesurfers and windsurfers, and it is open all year round. However, the months between April and September or November to March are the best periods to go because of the stronger thermal winds blowing during these periods. Additionally, thermal winds begin blowing from midday during spring and summer whereas in November to March months, the terrales wind is stronger in the late afternoon. Show more

Which beaches are most suitable for beginner kite surfers in Valencia?

Valencia is an ideal location for beginner kite surfers with numerous beaches to choose from. The Albufera Natural Park is perfect for novice kite surfers, with its smooth freshwater lagoon featuring a calm and untroubled surface. On the other hand, Playa de Poniente is also ideal for kite surfing beginners, with its kite school, rental facility, and nearby kite repair store. Moreover, wind strength here is just sufficient for beginners to maintain their balance. Show more

What are the various locations one can get kite surfing classes and rentals in Valencia?

Kite surfing rentals and lessons are offered virtually at every beach in Valencia. These kite rental facilities and schools are readily accessible, and you can choose from the many options available in your preferred kite surfing destination. KitePride Tarifa, TarifaMax, and Kite total Tarifa are some of the best kite schools in Valencia, and you can book your lessons in advance online through their websites. Show more

What winds blow during the November to March period at Punta Molins Beach?

From November to March, the beach at Punta Molins experiences terrales winds that blow in a W and NW direction. These winds travel from the mainland and into the sea. This beach is perfect for experienced kiters and riders as its conditions favor strong winds. Kiters need to ensure they come with appropriate gear while bearing the air temperature of 10-15 °C in wintertime in mind. Show more

Which windsurfing sites are the most famous in Valencia's north?

Valencia's northern region features numerous windsurfing sites. Platja de les Deveses in Dénia, the beaches in Els terrers, Platja de la Granadella in Alicante, and Oropesa del Mar beach are some of the most popular. Playa del Norte beach, located north of Valencia, is Valencia's most famous windsurfing spot. Here, freestylers enjoy perfect Garbí thermal winds, coupled with incredible scenic views. Show more

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