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Kitesurfing & Windsurfing

The island of South China suits perfectly for water sport


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Being one of the most crowded megapolises in the world, Hong Kong is not your typical kitesurfing or windsurfing getaway. However, the island surrounded by the South China Sea and the Pearl River Delta, gets plenty of wind and warm weather, which makes it ideal for wind and water sports. There are two windy periods in Hong Kong: east or the north-east wind blows from September to March, while the south-west wind blows from March to August. Wind strength is from 8 to 20 knots. Spring and autumn have the most intense winds. The water warms up to 26-30°C (79-86°F) in the summer and cools down to 15-26°C (59-79°F) in the winter.

Hong Kong has a few areas with amenities for kitesurfers. Lung Kwu Tan, located in the western part of the Tuen Mun District, features a kitesurfing school from March to August located in its south-west part. There is shallow and flat water and side to side/onshore wind. Lantau Island, the largest island of Hong Kong, is another kitesurfing destination. Shui Hau Wan Beach has a school, rentals, and a huge lagoon to learn kiteboarding with shallow and flat water. There is also a large beach. The wind is the best here from September to March. Shui Hau Wan Beach is good for beginner kiteboarders.

Windsurfing is popular in Hong Kong since the 1970s. There are many schools and clubs in the city established at that time. Stanley Beach, on the southern side of the Hong Kong island, is the most famous windsurfing destination enjoying stable on-shore east or north-east wind. The season lasts from September to April. There are three windsurfing clubs on the beach offering rentals, storage, and lessons. One more nearby location is Shek O Beach.

Cheung Chau, located 10 kilometers southwest of Hong Kong, is another popular windsurfing spot. The island nicknamed "dumbbell" due to its shape features a windsurfing school set up by Lai Gun called "the godfather of windsurfing" in Hong Kong.

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