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Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

This Mid-Autumn festival is probably the most charming and picturesque night of the year

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Imagine colourful, bright shiny lanterns, fiery dragons, and kung-fu demonstrations everywhere you go. This is how the Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated in Hong Kong. This annual harvest celebration takes place in many parts of China on the 8th Full Moon in the Lunar Calendar, usually around September or October. The main attraction of the holiday are thousands of lantern displays, fire dragon dances, folk songs and shows can be found at Victoria Park. This is an all-in-one mega event which offers a variety of activities for visitors.

Being the equivalent of American Thanksgiving, the Mid-Autumn festival means that families and communities traditionally get together to celebrate the harvesting season and pray for a good harvest next year.

Mooncakes are the most famous tradition of the Mid-Autumn Festival. They originate from Yuan-dynasty (1271–1368), when the cookies were used to send secret messages. In Hong Kong, you can find hundreds of varieties and unusual fillings to satisfy any taste bud. Another tradition—Fire Dragon Dance—emerged when people miraculously stopped a plague due to a fire dragon dance in Tai Hang village during the 19th century. Nowadays it's recognised as a part of China's intangible cultural heritage.

You will see a huge dragon, almost 70-meters long, and thousands of burning incense sticks held by performers who circle around the throngs of visitors. This tradition is part of China’s cultural heritage and a major highlight of Mid-Autumn celebrations in Hong Kong.

Don't forget to try the main dish of the festival—a moon cake with an exciting jumble of creative fillings!

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