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Pink Dolphin Watching

Pink dolphins are so popular that they have become a mascot of Hong Kong


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These iconic creatures live in The Pearl River Delta between Hong Kong and Macau. And yes, they are pink. They are even pinker than the Boto dolphins in the Amazon River. And what a surprise, their habitat is in the most densely populated city area, almost within a couple of kilometres of one of the world's busiest shipping centres.

Since these lovely pink dolphins are comfortable with vessels nearby, they sometimes come quite close. A boat tour lasts for three hours, during which you may see the dolphins for a couple of minutes only, but that definitely is worth trying as the human-made and natural sights around the Pearl River estuary and Hong Kong are rightfully gorgeous.

Dolphin watching cruises are available all year round. Take a camera with you and pick a day that's not too gloomy to enjoy pink dolphins playing in the sea. 96% of trips are successful. The other 4% have a chance to take another dolphin cruise for free.

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