Best time to travel to Tasmania

Tasmanian Devil

Don't miss a chance to meet Tasmania's most dangerous and well-known animal—the Devil

Best time: October–December

Tasmanian Devil

The Devils are one of Tasmania's icon animals, thus your absolute touristic must. Although looking cute and harmless, don't be taken in by their adorable appearance. The highlight of Tasmanian wildlife, their fierce night screams are sure to make your holidays unforgettable. Tasmanian devils aren't the type of animals to be stroked, as apart from being wild they've got the strongest jaws among the mammals!

As for the places where you are most likely to meet a few Devils, check Trowunna Wildlife Park, Bonorong Park, and Port Arthur. If you want to get some cuteness on your trip, you should not also miss seeing the small pups, most often on the trees! Since it is something unavailable for adults, devil kids on the trees are a unique experience to watch! Most of the devils breed and mate until March, giving most births in April. This means that gradually throughout October-December, many of them start getting out of their dens, and by Christmas, most of them are out! Could you think of anything cuter for the Christmas season?

Practical info

When is the best time to witness Tasmanian devils in the wild?

Although Tasmanian devils can be seen throughout the year, the best time is from October to December, when most emerge from their dens and are more active. Breeding and mating begin in March, with most newborns arriving in April. Therefore, visitors can observe many young devils by Christmas. However, it's essential to keep a safe distance from them to avoid stress, as they are wild animals. Show more

What are the places in Tasmania with the best views of Tasmanian devils?

Several wildlife parks in Tasmania offer the opportunity to observe Tasmanian devils up close. Two of the best are Trowunna Wildlife Park and Bonorong Park, where visitors can get a glimpse of these fascinating marsupials and other Australian creatures. The Port Arthur Historic Site also has a devil park, providing visitors with a rare chance to learn about these animals' behaviors and life. Show more

What is the exceptional characteristic that distinguishes Tasmanian devils from other mammals?

In terms of proportion to their body size, Tasmanian devils have the most potent jaws among mammals. Their biting strength allows them to crush bones and tear through strong animal hides easily. They make a distinctive, eerie cry that can be heard during the night and has an intimidating effect. Finally, Tasmanian devils are marsupials, like kangaroos and wallabies, carrying their young in their pouches until they're ready to leave. Show more

Is it possible to raise Tasmanian devils as pets?

No, Tasmanian devils cannot be kept as pets. They're wild animals and a protected species, and it's illegal to possess them without proper permits. Moreover, Tasmanian devils can be fierce and hazardous, making them unsuitable as domesticated animals. The best way to experience these unique creatures is by visiting wildlife parks, where visitors can appreciate Tasmanian devils without endangering their safety or that of others. Show more

What measures are in place to preserve Tasmanian devils in Tasmania?

Numerous conservation efforts aim to secure the future of Tasmanian devils in Tasmania. Recognizing the severe facial tumour disease as a significant threat, multiple organizations are working to identify and protect healthy devil populations and investigating ways to cure or combat the disease. Additionally, programs educate the public and promote responsible behaviour near Tasmanian devils and other animals in the wild, ensuring the survival of these remarkable creatures in the long term. Show more

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