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Tasmania's special small and cute kanragoo-animals

Pademelon in Tasmania - Best Time
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© Florian Rohart

Similar to a small kangaroo but with far more thick fur, these animals are extremely delightful to watch. Being spread all over Tasmania, these animals prefer to stay in at the daytime, so you are most likely to catch a glimpse of them after the sunset.

Pademelon in Tasmania - Best Season

Although pademelons are wild animals, they like to be treated, therefore, these guys often dwell in forests near the tourist places. You can watch them all the year round but in winter, you can get even more cute experience watching baby pademelons ambling at dusk and making their first steps.

Best time for Pademelon in Tasmania

However, keep in mind that they are wild, so don't reach out hands to feed or stroke them.​

Best time to see Pademelon in Tasmania
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