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Raccoon in Texas

These curious small creatures can quietly accompany you during an evening camping trip

Best time: March–November


Raccoons are an animals widely spread throughout Texas and North America. You can easily find them near water and in woodlands. However, they have also adapted to human habitats as well, and can be found practically everywhere. These animals are around 16–28 inches (40–70 cm) long and weight from 8–20 pounds (3.5—9 kg). Raccoons are very curious and intelligent creatures. They are talented climbers and swimmers and have excellent night vision. One of the most important senses for raccoons is the sense of touch because of their "hypersensitive" front paws. Raccoons make their dens in hollow logs or trees. They usually sleep during the day and are active at night. They mostly feed on insects, worms, as well as fruits and nuts—such as acorns and walnuts. Their lifespan is more than 20 years.

Practical info

When is the best time to observe raccoons in Texas?

From March to November, raccoons in Texas are most active during dawn, dusk, or nightfall due to their nocturnal nature. To observe them, these times of the day or night are the most suitable. Show more

What locations in Texas offer high chances of spotting raccoons?

Raccoons are known for adapting to human habitats in Texas, which means they can be spotted in various locations. However, areas near water and woodlands, such as state parks including Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge or Hill Country, offer a great opportunity for their observation. Show more

What differentiates raccoons in Texas from other kinds?

Texas raccoons have unique distinguishing features, such as their thick fur coat, which helps thermoregulation in various temperatures. Their sharp sense of smell, heightened touch sensitivity, and climbing and swimming skills make them well adapted for surviving in their given habitat. They are also capable hunters and disperse a variety of seeds. Show more

How have raccoons been able to survive in urban areas of Texas?

Raccoons have adapted to life in urban areas by scavenging through garbage and existing on human waste, which can be harmful to their health. They also sometimes become a nuisance to residents and, thus, should not be approached or fed to minimize risks of an encounter that could lead to an attack. Show more

What precautions should campers take when camping near raccoons in Texas?

Camping near raccoons in Texas can be a thrilling experience, though, campers should ensure their food and trash are stored properly, as raccoons may attack if they feel threatened. They are also capable of transmitting diseases to humans, so campers should avoid feeding or approaching them. Ensuring food and trash are well secured minimizes risks of raccoon visits. Show more

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