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Aoshima (Cat Island)

Mice are not allowed to the island, but guests bringing tuna cans are welcome


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A small island of Aoshima has little to offer, besides its decent cat population that exceeds human 10 times. In fact, the place is almost deserted, with only around 16 individuals living there, but the habitat undoubtedly belongs to 160 cats.

Veteran human residents will tell you stories of how it came to be so. Around 800 fishermen who once lived there, left the island for better fortune. But abandoned cats eventually took over the island, and introduced a strict regime for mice.

The highlight of the day on this island is definitely a tourist boat visit. Cats love having guests, for they know they would come with presents in form of tuna cans and other delicacies. An average visit lasts for around 45 blissful minutes of purring, and cheering, when both people and cats can't get enough of each other, well at least until tuna cans are emptied.

If you fancy visiting the cats' empire, it's open any time of the year. However, the island also has a cat-themed resort which is open for visitors only from April to October.

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