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Squirrel Monkeys in Bolivia

Watching these pretty long-tailed fellows play is truly amusing

Best time: May–October

Squirrel Monkeys
Squirrel Monkeys
Squirrel Monkeys

​If you don't see any connection between monkeys and squirrels, you have to see these Bolivian monkeys. Though it is a common practice to tame them, the Bolivian Amazon still teems with these cute playful creatures usually hanging out on tree branches. The small town of Rurrenabaque on the Beni River is known as a gateway to Bolivian rainforests.

The most favourable time to watch Bolivia's native inhabitants is during the dry season between May and October when the majority of wildlife gathers near rivers to quench their thirst. There are also fewer mosquitoes at this time as a bonus.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Bolivia to see squirrel monkeys?

Squirrel monkeys are typically seen in Bolivia between May and October during the dry season. During this period, squirrel monkeys congregate near rivers to drink, making them easier to spot. With fewer mosquitoes, visitors can more comfortably observe and appreciate the wildlife during this period. Show more

Where can I see squirrel monkeys in Bolivia besides Rurrenabaque?

Madidi National Park in Bolivia, located near Rurrenabaque, provides opportunities for seeing squirrel monkeys in their natural habitat through guided tours. Tambopata National Reserve, which sits along the Bolivian border, is also a location where squirrel monkeys can be observed. Show more

How do people typically interact with squirrel monkeys in Bolivia?

Interactions with wild squirrel monkeys is against Bolivian law. Although some tourist areas have tamed squirrels to observe, visitors are prohibited from touching or feeding them. These animals and their habitats should be respected and behaviors that could endanger them should be avoided. Show more

Are squirrel monkeys native to Bolivia or were they introduced?

Squirrel monkeys are indigenous to Bolivia as well as other regions in South America such as Peru and Brazil. Recognized by their playful nature and squirrel-like appearance, these monkeys live throughout rainforests where they can be seen swinging from tree branches. Show more

What other wildlife may be seen in Bolivia during the dry season besides squirrel monkeys?

In addition to squirrel monkeys, visitors to Bolivia during the dry season may witness other animals such as pink river dolphins, macaws, caimans, capybaras, and river otters. The Madidi National Park is renowned for having a diverse collection of flora and fauna, making it a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Show more

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