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Flying Squirrels

Have you ever seen a flying squirrel? Consider yourself lucky if you manage to meet one in Estonian and Finnish forests


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Flying squirrels can be found mostly in Estonia and Finland. This unique animal spends most of its life in the tree tops. It rarely touches the ground. The squirrels build nests in tree hollows. Flying squirrels, however, don't actually fly of course—it glides with the help of skin fold between the fore and hindlimbs and guides itself with its tail. It also has big eyes that help to see at night as they are nocturnal by nature and active mainly at night. The flying squirrel eats tree buds, young branches, seeds, etc. and stores food for winter in its shelter.

Unfortunately, flying squirrels have a lot of natural predators and are currently endangered. For this reason observing is only allowed with a local expert. The best time to see them is from May to early August during the white nights period.

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