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Wombat Watching

Tasmania's wombats might be your cutest experience on the island. You can trace them by the cubic poop


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Tasmania is all about the wildlife uniqueness: kangaroos, platypuses and devils. However, the options don't end there. Watching wombats, while they are getting some sunshine beside burrows, is another awesome experience in Tasmania.

Wombat Watching in Tasmania - Best Season 2020

Although wombat watching isn't a mainstream activity, it doesn't take too much time or effort to see one. Walking across the Tasmanian coastline, you may encounter a few of these lovely creatures ambling across the road. You might also encounter their strategic territory marking with the brownish cubic poop.

Best time for Wombat Watching in Tasmania 2020

Among the best places to actually see them are Narawntapu National Park and Cradle Mountain National Park.

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