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Best time of year to visit Tasmania

A dry and warm period from December through February is the best time to visit Tasmania. Don't let the tourist troops and pricier rooms let you down as summer in Tassie dapples with various festivals and is perfect for hiking and scuba diving. March–May is a season for yachting, wines, and fresh Pacific oysters. If you are up to save money, plan your trip from May to September. Winter months are lavish with truffles and scallops, give you a glimpse of the Aurora Australis, and are snowy on higher elevations. Witness tulip blooming, taste lobster or get a load of Tasmania's remarkable wombats and devils in Tasmania from September through November when the crowds are thinned.


Aurora Australis

September (all year round) • nature

Observe beautiful Southern lights, while looking at the beautiful Tasmanian sky

Wombat Watching

September–March • nature

Tasmania's wombats might be your cutest experience on the island. You can trace them by the cubic poop

Watching World Smallest Penguins

October–April • nature

It is a lifetime experience at the edge of the world


December–April • activity

Take on the Tasmanian bushwalking challenge and make it your hobby

Beach Season

December–February • activity

Enjoy the heat and quietness of Tasmanian top beaches

Lavender Blooming

December–January • nature

Enjoy magnificent lavender fields, which are exclusive feature of Tasmania

Tasmanian Devil

October–December • nature

Don't miss a chance to meet Tasmania's most dangerous and well-known animal—the Devil

Scuba Diving

November–March • activity

Try Tasmania's scuba diving experience on the top beaches across Australia

Nelson Falls at Best

November–May • nature

Enjoy the magnificent views of the island from the top of Nelson Falls

Seal Watching

September–May • nature

Watch Tasmania’s fur seals in the wild

Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

December 26–December 31 • event

One of the world's most anticipated race that has a long history and offers some spectacular sights!

Rafting Experience

November–March • activity

Take on Tasmania's rafting experience and try your hand at island's largest river hills

Sandboarding Season

October–April • activity

Hit the sand dunes on Tasmania's warm west coast


Christmas Time • food

One of the sweetest experiences on the island and most popular dessert locals like to serve for Christmas

Bruny Island Neck

September–February  • nature

A beautiful nature reserve and isthmus connecting north and south parts of the Bruny Island

Chocolate-Coated Raspberries

late December–May • food

Drop in for Tasmanian well-famous chocolate-coated raspberries



April–June • nature

Tasmania's special small and cute kanragoo-animals

Dark Mofo Festival

June 15–24, 2018 • event

Feel the Power of Myth merged with the contemporary art at Dark Mofo Festival


June–August • nature

Watch one of the most extravagant animals of the island in the wild

Yachting Season

March–May  • activity

Find your perfect spot for yachting experience in Tasmania

Watching Platypus

September–November • nature

Stay up at night watching Tasmania's platypuses

Cool-Climate Wine Season

April–May • food

Feel the fragrance of Tasmania with its richest wines

Pacific Oysters

April–September • food

Often called the best oysters in South Pacific, the Pacific oysters are al​so available mostly in Tasmania

Lobster Season

September–November • food

Taste Tasmania's culinary delights with a rich local lobster menu


late February–March • food

One of the world's rarest and most delicious meat that you may try in the most pristine courner of Australia

Blooming Tulips

late September–early October • nature

Feel the fragrance of spring at Tasmania's famous tulips fields


April–October • nature

Set out for your Tasmanian birdwatching adventure

Truffle Season

mid-June–July • activity

Hunt for the world's finest truffles in Tasmania's rainforests


Easter Saturday–late July • food

The delicacy that you must try now, or it will be too late! Try it in a soup or plain raw with tiny bit of salt to get the best taste possible