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Wombat Watching

September–March • nature

Tasmania's wombats might be your cutest experience on the island. You can trace them by the cubic poop

Watching World Smallest Penguins

October–April • nature

It is a lifetime experience at the edge of the world


December–April • activity

Take on the Tasmanian bushwalking challenge and make it your hobby

Beach Season

December–February • activity

Enjoy the heat and quietness of Tasmanian top beaches

Tasmanian Devil

October–December • nature

Don't miss a chance to meet Tasmania's most dangerous and well-known animal—the Devil

Lavender Blooming

December–January • nature

Enjoy magnificent lavender fields, which are exclusive feature of Tasmania

Scuba Diving

November–March • activity

Try Tasmania's scuba diving experience on the top beaches across Australia

Seal Watching

September–May • nature

Watch Tasmania’s fur seals in the wild

Nelson Falls at Best

November–May • nature

Enjoy the magnificent views of the island from the top of Nelson Falls

Rafting Experience

November–March • activity

Take on Tasmania's rafting experience and try your hand at island's largest river hills

Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

December 26–December 31 • event

One of the world's most anticipated race that has a long history and offers some spectacular sights!

Sandboarding Season

October–April • activity

Hit the sand dunes on Tasmania's warm west coast

Bruny Island Neck

September–February  • nature

A beautiful nature reserve and isthmus connecting north and south parts of the Bruny Island

Chocolate-Coated Raspberries

late December–May • food

Drop in for Tasmanian well-famous chocolate-coated raspberries


Aurora Australis

mid-August–September • nature

Observe beautiful Southern lights, while looking at the beautiful Tasmanian sky


April–June • nature

Tasmania's special small and cute kanragoo-animals

Dark Mofo Festival

June 15–24, 2018 • event

Feel the Power of Myth merged with the contemporary art at Dark Mofo Festival


June–August • nature

Watch one of the most extravagant animals of the island in the wild

Yachting Season

March–May  • activity

Find your perfect spot for yachting experience in Tasmania

Watching Platypus

September–November • nature

Stay up at night watching Tasmania's platypuses

Cool-Climate Wine Season

April–May • food

Feel the fragrance of Tasmania with its richest wines


Christmas Time • food

One of the sweetest experiences on the island and most popular dessert locals like to serve for Christmas

Pacific Oysters

April–September • food

Often called the best oysters in South Pacific, the Pacific oysters are al​so available mostly in Tasmania

Blooming Tulips

late September–early October • nature

Feel the fragrance of spring at Tasmania's famous tulips fields

Lobster Season

September–November • food

Taste Tasmania's culinary delights with a rich local lobster menu


late February–March • food

One of the world's rarest and most delicious meat that you may try in the most pristine courner of Australia


April–October • nature

Set out for your Tasmanian birdwatching adventure

Truffle Season

mid-June–July • activity

Hunt for the world's finest truffles in Tasmania's rainforests


Easter Saturday–late July • food

The delicacy that you must try now, or it will be too late! Try it in a soup or plain raw with tiny bit of salt to get the best taste possible