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Watching Platypus in Tasmania 2024

Stay up at night watching Tasmania's platypuses

Best time: September–November

Watching Platypus

Make platypus experience one of your most memorable moments in Tasmania. Being spread across the whole island, you are likely to watch platypuses in any part of Tasmania. Platypuses prefer to spend a hot part of the day hiding in burrows, therefore, pick a right time for watching them. Try to be patient, as it may take plenty of time and luck to spot one. However, remember that a platypus may be dangerous, and there are cases of their attacks on dogs, so you'd better leave your pets at home.

Practical info

When is the best time to watch platypuses in Tasmania?

From September to November, the best opportunity to spot platypuses in Tasmania arises. During this period, the water level is higher, the platypuses are more active, and they prefer foraging for food early in the morning and late evening. Additionally, with longer daylight hours, there is ample time to watch them. Show more

Where is the best location to watch platypuses in Tasmania?

If you want to see platypuses, some of the best locations to visit in Tasmania are Freycinet National Park, Lake Petterd, Narawntapu National Park, and Cradle Mountain. Clear water, abundant food, and suitable habitats at these locations provide a conducive environment for platypuses. Nevertheless, preparing to spot them can be challenging, and it is recommended to hire a guide or a ranger to help you. Show more

How long does it usually take to spot a platypus in Tasmania?

Patience is key when spotting a platypus in Tasmania. While some people can watch one within a few minutes, others can take a couple of hours or even longer. They tend to hide in their burrows during the day and forage for food early in the morning and late evening, so that is when you are most likely to see them. Watching them from a safe distance and approaching calmly can increase your chances of seeing them. Show more

What safety precautions should be taken when watching platypuses in Tasmania?

When observing platypuses in Tasmania, it is best to take precautions. Platypuses are generally not harmful, but they can become hostile if they feel threatened or anxious. Maintain a distance from them, avoid sudden movements or loud noises, and don't pick them up since they have venomous spurs. It is also not advisable to bring dogs, as platypuses can attack them. Show more

Are there any other animals in Tasmania that can be watched alongside platypuses?

Tasmania is home to diverse wildlife, from Tasmanian devils and wombats to wallabies and echidnas. This region has national parks such as Cradle Mountain and Freycinet National Park, where you can view a wide range of animal species, including birds and marine animals. You can get an excellent opportunity to enjoy the wildlife and the natural environment in Tasmania if you have a keen eye and a little bit of patience. Show more

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