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Indri Lemur

Indri lemurs sing like whales, care like humans, sunbathe like tourists and look like panda


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Indri lemurs are considered to be similar to humans. They remain monogamous until their mate’s death. Furthermore, males assist females in bringing up their offsprings. Also, Indri lemurs like sunbathing. After the sunrise they choose sunny branches and sit on them with their legs crossed and their hands on the laps.

Indri lemur is the largest lemur species in Madagascar. Their numbers are currently declining due to the loss of habitat. They don't survive in captivity. Its natural habitat is rainforests in the east of the island, in particular, Analamazoatra Reserve, which is part of Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. The best of Indris may be seen during their breeding season in May or June. Despite their large size they can be rarely seen on land so keep your head up. This diurnal lemur can make barking or hissing sounds.

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