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Java Mouse-Deer Breeding

This tiny animal is unlike any other deer in the world

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This curious animal looks like a deer, but when it is born, it is no bigger than a hamster. In adulthood, it reaches the size of a rabbit—30 cm in height and 2.5 kg in weight. This is one of the smallest hoofed mammals in the world.

The mouse-deer has a triangular-shaped head, arched back, and round body with elevated rear legs. Those thin legs are about the diameter of a pencil. It's amazing how this fragile animal can survive in the wild! These animals are said to be very intelligent and cautious. They are hunted by large cats, snakes, birds of prey and humans.

The mouse-deer lives in tropical forests of higher elevations primarily in Java, but they have also been seen in Bali, Borneo, and Sumatra. They are the most active during their breeding season in November–December.

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