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Best time to travel to Svalbard


Meet Santa's furry helpers on the pastures of Svalbard


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Svalbard reindeer is the most northern-living graminivore mammal in the world. They are short-legged with rounded, relatively small heads and are endemic to Svalbard islands, where they have lived for almost 5,000 years. Reindeer are well adapted to the rough climate and can be easily found in non-glaciated areas of the archipelago. The highest densities are found in Edgeøya, Barentsøya and Nordenskiöld Land.

The best time for wildlife watching in Svalbard is May to August. During the summer, the reindeer spend almost all of their time feeding to accumulate enough fat for the next winter season. They can be spotted on pastures wandering under the midnight sun. Their calves are born in June, so you will be able to observe them taking their first steps next to their mothers.

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