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Pyramiden, a Soviet-Era Ghost Town

mid-May–September • activity

Life in Pyramiden seems to be frozen since the collapse of the Soviet Union. But when you'll get there, you'll find out, Lenin is still watching you

Kayaking by Glaciers

June–August • activity

Rowing among icy cold waters, snowy landscapes, and white bears

Polar Cruises

May–early September • activity

Explore the heart of the northern glaciers by polar cruises that will take you to remote corners of the archipelago

Longyearbyen Camping

June–August  • activity

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a nap under the midnight sun instead of a starry sky?

Polar Bear Watching

May–August • activity

Witness magnificent polar bears in their natural environment

Whaling Season

April–August • food

For centuries, Europeans have harvested whales for their fat and baleen

Ice-Cold Swimming

June–early September • activity

You'll never know how your body is going to respond to this kind of stress

Brunnich's Guillemot Bird Bazaar

mid-May–September • nature

When noisy colonies invade Spitsbergen cliffs, the entire archipelago drowns in "arrr" symphony

Abandoned Coal Mines

March–September • activity

Although most of Svalbard's coal mining sites are now abandoned, they still hold a particular atmosphere


June–October  • activity

Enjoy Arctic landscapes while cycling on the paved and unpaved roads of a polar archipelago

Postkassen on Platåfjellet

June–August • activity

This mailbox is located in one of the most scenic locations of the world, on the way to the summit of Platåfjellet mountain.


May–August • nature

Meet Santa's furry helpers on the pastures of Svalbard

Midnight Sun

late April–late August • nature

Few things in the world can match the feeling of sunlight warming your face in the middle of the night.


Northern Lights

October–February • nature

Nothing compares to the Aurora Borealis vacation in Svalbard!

Ice Caving

November–May • activity

The majestic ancient ice formations of Svalbard are mind-blowing. Have you ever wondered what they look like from the inside?


November–late May • activity

It's impossible to avoid snowmobiling while you are in Svalbard

Dog Sledding

November–mid-May • activity

Northern lights, variable weather, moonlight, sunshine or a sky full of stars—this is what the Arctic can offer you on a dog sledding adventure

Polar Night

November–February • nature

There is a vast number of things to see and do during this unique phenomena, just remember the further north you go, the darker and longer the Polar Nights become