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Dog Sledding in Svalbard

Northern lights, variable weather, moonlight, sunshine or a sky full of stars—this is what the Arctic can offer you on a dog sledding adventure

Dog Sledding
Dog Sledding
Dog Sledding

Here in Svalbard, dogs can be your best engine for a couple of hours or days. They will take you on an unforgettable adventure and make you feel like an Arctic explorer. Dog sledding involves mushing with a sleigh of huskies across Svalbard’s open spaces, fjords, and glaciers.

Prior dog sledding experience for such entertainment is not necessary, but keep in mind that the environment can be challenging. You should be prepared for an adventure because safety is a high priority. Full safety equipment includes flares, emergency beacons, weapons, and a First Aid kit—all of which will be provided for the expedition.

Usually, the dogs are even more excited to begin the sledding adventure than people. Every dog has a particular job to do so their position in the row is important.

The season starts with the snowfall which is normally late October or early November, and lasts until mid-May. During the Polar Night, that's late November to mid-February, you're likely to see Northern Lights during your trip. March to May is the light winter season. Days get exceedingly longer, and by the end of April, Midnight Sun returns to Svalbard.

In summertime when snow melts, you're welcome to try dog sled on wheels.

Practical info

What is the ideal period for a dog sledding trip to Svalbard?

The best time to indulge in dog sledding in Svalbard is between November and mid-May. This period features Polar Night, which occurs from late November to mid-February and guarantees an enchanting Northern Lights display. The light winter season, between March and May, offers longer days, and the Midnight Sun starts peeping by end of April. Show more

Which locations in Svalbard allow for dog sledding?

Dog sledding in Svalbard covers vast regions with expansive open spaces, glaciers, and fjords. The specific locations available depend on the itinerary you book for your adventure. Show more

Is prior experience required to participate in dog sledding in Svalbard?

Dog sledding in Svalbard doesn't require any prior experience. However, the conditions in Svalbard are quite challenging, so your safety is paramount. During the expedition, you'll receive complete safety gear, including flares, weapons for polar bear safety, an emergency beacon and a First Aid kit. Show more

What safety gear will one receive for dog sledding in Svalbard?

A qualified guide will provide all necessary safety precautions during your dog sledding expedition in Svalbard. You'll receive a comprehensive safety equipment kit, including flares, weapons (in case of polar bear encounters), emergency beacons, and a First Aid kit. Show more

Can you indulge in dog sledding in Svalbard during the summer?

In summer, dog sleds are equipped with wheels because the snow would have melted. That way, you can enjoy Svalbard's incredible scenic beauty without snow. However, sled rides during this period are usually shorter than the ones during winter. Nevertheless, during the Light Winter Season (between March and May), there's still some snow left, which allows a few final sled rides before the Midnight Sun Season begins. Show more

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