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Dog Sledding in Scotland

The beautiful Scottish winter is experienced to its fullest sledding across the Cairgorm mountains with lovely huskies

Dog Sledding
Dog Sledding
Dog Sledding

Sledding with a group of gorgeous well-trained huskies among breathtaking mountainous snow-covered landscapes is certainly a memorable experience. Scottish Mountains, in particular, the foot of Cairngorm Range, host the only dogsled centre in the UK and one of only five available in Europe that runs daily from November to March. Owned by the Stewart family the centre offers a number of attractions from museum tours to dogsled mountain expeditions.

Practical info

When would be the ideal time to go on a dog sled tour in Cairngorms?

To have the best dog sled tour experience in Cairngorms, visit from November to March. You will get the chance to go on daily expeditions that will take you through the beautiful Scottish winter scenery. During winter months, snow is abundant in the Cairngorms, making it the perfect spot for dog sled tours. However, make sure to check the weather forecast and plan accordingly, prioritizing your safety. Show more

Where is the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre, the only dog sledding center in the UK, located?

The Cairngorm Sleddog Centre, the sole dog sledding center in the UK, is situated at the bottom of the Cairngorm Range in the Scottish Mountains. The Stewart family owns the center, which offers several activities, including museum tours, dog sledding tours, training, and workshops. The location of the center is excellent for dog sledding activities, considering the snow-capped mountains surrounding the area, enhancing the experience significantly and making it more unforgettable. Show more

What is the typical number of dogs one can find on a sled?

Huskies typically pull sleds, with a team of six to eight dogs. At the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre, visitors are paired with experienced dog handlers who lead the group and provide well-trained huskies. These dogs work together to ensure that the sled and the riders are comfortably pulled through the snow. Every husky in the team has its role, with the lead dog directing, the swing dog maintaining momentum, and the wheel dogs providing power, making it a team effort. Show more

What distinguishes dog sled mountain expeditions from museum tours?

Dog sled mountain expeditions offer an unforgettable and immersive experience of the Scottish winter scenery. Visitors get to coast through the Cairngorm Mountains while huskies, led by experienced handlers, pull the sled. The panoramic views of the surrounding landscape are breathtaking. During the museum tour, visitors can learn about the history of the dog-sledding and the culture around it in Scotland and the UK. Interactive displays, exhibitions, and workshops show the different dog-sledding practices and techniques used over time. Show more

Are there any age or weight restrictions to consider when booking a dog sled tour?

Dog sled tours come with age and weight restrictions. The activity is physically demanding and requires participants to be of average fitness levels. The minimum age requirement is eight years old, while the maximum weight is 100kg or 220lbs. People with medical conditions such as neck, back, or heart problems are advised not to engage due to safety concerns. It is essential to contact the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre in advance to get information on age and weight requirements and any medical concerns to make the experience enjoyable and safe. Show more

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