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Dog Sledding in Greenland

A classic way to explore the majestic Greenland nature in winter

Best time: January–April

Dog Sledding
Dog Sledding
Dog Sledding
Dog Sledding
Dog Sledding

Greenland's culture is all about being close to nature. Dog sledding is a big part of this culture—more than just a mode of transportation! Mushing is an essential skill for Greenlanders and one often learned quite early on. Sometimes children even have their own sleds with little dogs to​ learn. The steady, unhurried pace of a dogsled is perfect for observing the magnificent natural wonders of Greenland. The sled dogs themselves are beautiful and full of energy and their spirit with the mastery of the musher will make you forget all about the cold weather. Don't miss out on this magical, cultural experience you won't soon forget.

Practical info

When is the best time to go dog sledding in Greenland?

Dog sledding in Greenland is best between January to April when the snow covers the ground. Sledding during this period is both safe and easy. During the winter season, there are more frequent opportunities to catch the Northern Lights while dog sledding. Therefore, it is better to plan your trip between January and April to enjoy the full experience. Show more

What's the typical length of a dog sledding tour in Greenland?

Dog sledding tours in Greenland can last for a few hours to multiple days, depending on the route and preference of the travelers. Tours covering long distances across icy terrain might include overnight camping in tents or igloos. Experience level and preference should be considered when choosing a tour. A proper research is necessary to choose the right one. Show more

Where are the most popular dog sledding routes in Greenland?

Greenland has multiple dog-sledding routes, with varying breathtaking views and unique features. Some well-known paths include the Eqi Glacier Trail, the Kangerlussuaq-Sisimiut Trail, and the Arctic Circle Trail. However, selecting a route mostly depends on the tour's destination. Thus, it's best to consult local tour operators to choose the most scenic route according to the desired preferences. Show more

How many dogs are typically used to pull a sled in Greenland?

Greenland's sleds are pulled by six to eight dogs on average, besides the sled driver. The exact number depends on factors such as the driver's ability, the slope, and the sled's weight. The dogs are rigorously bred to be athletic and hard-working. They function at their own predictable pace, without the need to rush, promising their riders a smooth and safe ride. Show more

What kind of clothing and gear should I bring for a dog sledding adventure in Greenland?

Greenland's extreme cold temperatures require the correct type of clothing and gear for an exciting dog sledding adventure. Thermal underwear, warm layers of clothing, gloves, mittens, warm boots, and waterproof outerwear are highly recommended. Packing extras such as food, water, and clothing in a backpack is crucial when touring away from towns while numerous hours are spent outdoors. Show more

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