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Best time of year to visit Iceland

The best time to visit Iceland runs from June to September, although you can get all four seasons in a day. A bit crowded and pricey, the summer period is considered to be the best for visiting waterfalls, exploring Golden Circle, and watching puffins and whales. This is the season to witness midnight sun and lupin blooming, just book in advance. Shoulder season in May and September sees thinner tourist crowds and lower flight costs. Winters on the land of ice are great if you pack layers: Northern Lights will mesmerize you, Blue Lagoon will warm you up, and the Þorramatur foods will nourish your body. Most of the mountain roads remain closed between September and June, so if you plan to rent a car, you will have to consider the 4x4 drive.


Northern Lights

September–mid-April  • nature

A rare and spectacular show with lights ranging from blue to green is one of the most famous reasons to visit Iceland


June–September  • nature

Iceland is called a waterfall country for a reason. Summer glacier melts produce hundreds of them

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

June–September • nature

See one of the greatest wonders of nature, formed as a result of global warming

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon

April–October • nature

Millennial work of melting glacier water combined with authentic Icelandic solitude makes for one of the world's most fascinating natural landscapes

Whale Watching

April–October  • nature

A tour of whale watching is fantastic because you can both enjoy sailing and see the whales in their natural habitat

Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck

April–November • activity

The wreck lies solitary on vast, cold black sand beach, waiting for occasional visitors


June–September • activity

These mountain roads in the highlands of Iceland bring danger and adventure, making it one of experiences you will never forget


early–mid-September • activity

The Big Round-Up. An event that takes place in the countryside and, as unusual as it sounds, includes sheep and romance

Golden Circle

June–August (better weather) | September–May (low season) • nature

Follow the legendary trail in the southwest of Iceland and you will see massive waterfalls, shooting geysers, and separating tectonic plates

Inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour

May 15–October 15 • nature

A trip to Iceland wouldn't be full without exploring a dormant volcano from inside

South of Iceland

all year round • nature

Every corner of this country is beautiful in its own way, but its southern tip is blessed with a true collection of landmarks definitely not to be missed

Glacier Walking

all year round • activity

The very name of the country implies this is the land of ice, and you can't leave it without ice walking experience

Myvatn Nature Baths

May–September • activity

Don't neglect a chance to take an open-air hot bath after hiking chilly Iceland

Fresh Lamb Meat

September–mid-December  • food

An Icelandic tradition that makes the lamb taste extraordinary

Wild Salmon and Trout

May–September  • food

These two kinds of fish are very popular among the Icelanders and definitely a “must try”

Wild Berries Season

August–mid-September • food

There is not a more lovely way to spend your summer day in Iceland than picking berries with the locals


June–September • nature

Experience Icelandic highlands famous for astounding and breathtaking untouched nature

Glacier Snowmobiling

all year round • activity

A good alternative to explore Icelandic Glaciers—more speedy than ice walking

Caving in Leiðarendi Lava Tube

all year round • activity

The curious shapes of Leidarendi are the result of millennial volcanic activity

Hveradalir in Kerlingarfjöll

late June–mid-September • activity

Discover the odd red mountain landscapes of Kerlingarfjöll with boiling hot springs and glacial rivers

Snæfellsnes Peninsula

mid-May–September • nature

The wonders of Snæfellsnes Peninsula once inspired Jules Verne to write his famous science fiction novel. May your visit be that fruitful too!

Lobster Season

mid-May–September • food

Fresh fish, lobsters and reasonable prices is what makes the lobster season so great

Quad Biking (ATV Tours)

all year round • activity

A great way to combine Icelandic nature with sightseeing and get a bump of adrenaline

Gullfoss Canyon Rafting

mid-May–mid-September • activity

The twisting journey from Langjökull Glacier to the South Coast is as thrilling as it is picturesque

Fjord Kayaking

mid-May–September • activity

Secluded and calm waterways full of wildlife are an excellent location for paddlers


September–October  • food

A specific and unusual Icelandic dish, but most certainly worth trying


early September–late October • activity

Iceland has it all for the average to experience surfer with its arctic kinds of breaks and pointbreaks​


June–September • activity

The "land of ice and fire" can be observed the best from the saddle of your bike

Sea Angling

May–mid-September • activity

A sea angling trip means a 100% fishing success and delicious fresh fish barbecue on board

Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool

mid-May–mid-August (all year round) • activity

One of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland

Kerid Crater Lake

May–October • nature

An unusual caldera lake stuns with its beauty


Glacier Ice Caves

November–March  • activity

These ice caves will make you wonder if you are in Snow Queen’s kingdom

Midnight Sun

June–July • nature

One of Icelandic natural phenomena that will certainly take your breath away

Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa

November–March • activity

Warm up in thermal waters during cold winter days

Atlantic Puffins

mid-April–August • nature

Watch million cute birds fly around beautiful Icelandic fjords and islands

Lupin Blooming

June–July • nature

These beautiful purple flowers spread all over Iceland and follow you wherever you go

Snorkelling and Diving in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

June–August • activity

Do you feel like diving between the continents? Iceland offers a quite adventurous underwater experience


September 28, 2019 • event

Watch a great celebration of local communities, when hundreds of wild horses return to farm homes in the fall

Westman Islands Camping Festival (Þjóðhátíð)

August 02–06, 2018 • event

A great festival that mixes music, drinking, eating and a little romance

Illuminated Gravestones

Christmas Time • activity

You won't see much difference between the day and night, as it will be freezing all the time. But there is a light at the end of a tunnel, oops, sorry, of a cemetry


August 24, 2019 • event

One of the most popular events that brin​gs thousands of Icelanders to the capital of the country

Twelfth Night

January 06 • event

Light up the bonfires and dance all night!

Secret Lagoon

October–April • activity

An alternative to a celebrated Blue Lagoon, less advertised but equally enjoyable

Winter Lights Festival

February 07–09, 2019 • event

An amazing event that, besides the Northern Lights, brights up the Icelandic sky

Orca (Killer) Whale Watching

January–March  • nature

Never seen a majestic killer whale? Now is your high time to do it


mid-January–mid-February  • food

An old custom left behind the Norse pagan tradition, but still interesting and luscious

New Year's Bonfires

December 31–January 01 • event

Old Icelandic tradition unites neighbours, friends, and strangers

Iceland Winter Games

March 22–25, 2018 • event

An open competition for all skiing and snowboarding lovers is a great opportunity to have fun and compete at the same time

Christmas Smoked Lamb

December  • food

Another lamb specialty on Iceland, maybe even better that the fresh lamb

Beer Day

March 01 • event

There's a thing called the Beer Day in numerous countries around the world, but Icelandic one has an interesting story behind it


February 16 • food

The Bun Day is a fun holiday representing a family tradition and includes yummy delicacies

New Year's Eve Fireworks

December 31–January 01 • event

Raise a sparkling glass to the future at the sight of glittering Reykjavik