Best time to visit Iceland

Surfing in Iceland

Iceland has it all for the average to experience surfer with its arctic kinds of breaks and pointbreaks​

Best time: early September–late October


Try out the most adventurous surfing on Earth with the arctic turn! Iceland has everything an intermediate level surfer would expect and even more. Moreover, you can always rent out all the equipment at the spot.

Practical info

When is the perfect timing for surfing in Iceland?

For surfing in Iceland, it is best to plan your trip between early September and late October, when temperatures are moderately cooler and the ocean is warm enough for comfortable surfing. With this, you'll most likely have an enjoyable and safe surfing experience. Show more

What are some recommended surfing spots in Iceland?

If you're looking for an intermediate to advanced beach break, Hoddevik is a great option. For surfers of all levels, Reykjanes Peninsula is a stunning volcanic landscape ideal for surfing and enjoying Iceland's natural beauty. Show more

Is there a required level of experience for surfing in Iceland?

Iceland offers a variety of surf breaks with varying levels of difficulty, but most breaks are more enjoyable if you have at least intermediate surfing skills. Some breaks like Lofoten Island are only for experienced surfers. Due to unpredictable and challenging conditions, beginners must take lessons before surfing in Iceland. Show more

Is surfboard rental available in Iceland?

Surfboard rental is available in Iceland, and you can even find shops that provide other equipment such as wetsuits. To ensure availability, it is wise to make reservations in advance, especially if you don't want to bring your equipment. Show more

What sets Iceland's surfing experience apart from other destinations?

Iceland's unique arctic waves and volcanic landscape create a distinctive surfing experience. It offers opportunities to witness the Northern Lights, adding another exciting aspect to your trip. Surfing in Iceland is a memorable experience, surrounded by stunning scenery that is quite different from other surfing destinations. Show more

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