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Dominican Republic can be a great choice for a surf holiday as there are approximately 350 days each year suitable for surfing. Very few flat days are capable to spoil the fun.

Dominican Republic surfing spots

Punta Cana

If you are looking for a surf adventure in Punta Cana, you may be disappointed. It’s not that there are no waves in Punta Cana at all—you can find some occasional waves at Macao Beach, but don’t hope for steady ones or anything over waist high every day.


Cabarete, on the north coast, is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, and the waves reaching the shore are often started far away from a storm over North America. The waves take longer to arrive at the shore and that makes them more powerful and consistent.

Cabarete can also be an amazing surfing place if you are a beginner because of its mellow waves, shallow waters, a large designated area for beginners, and no dangerous sea creatures at all. You can take wonderful surfing lessons here.

Encuentro, Preciosa, Puerto Plata, and El Barco on the North coast all face the Atlantic and are among recognized surf spots in the Dominican Republic depending on your level.

Practical info

When is the best time to surf in Dominican Republic?

Dominican Republic is surfable any time of the year as it has approximately 350 days of surfable waves annually. Winter season, from November to February, has bigger and more consistent waves due to a more active Atlantic Ocean. This time is ideal for advanced surfers. In the summer season, from June to August, the waves are smaller and the waters are calmer, making it suitable for beginners. Show more

Where can I find the most consistent waves for surfing in Dominican Republic?

Surfing buffs often head to the North Coast for consistent waves. Cabarete has the most consistent waves in the area, while Encuentro, Preciosa, Puerto Plata, and El Barco are also popular. The Atlantic Ocean borders this region and waves take longer to reach the shore, making them more powerful and steady. These natural conditions make North Coast a surfer’s paradise. Show more

Which surfing spots in Dominican Republic are suitable for beginners?

Cabarete is a great place for beginner surfers as it has large designated areas with mellow waves and shallow waters. Surf schools with experienced coaches offer lessons to learners. Punta Cana may occasionally have surfable waves at Macao Beach, but they are not consistent enough for beginners. Surfers Beach, however, offers good surf breaks for beginners to practice their skills. Show more

What types of waves can I expect in Punta Cana for surfing?

Although not significant, surfers may find some occasional small waves at Punta Cana's Macao Beach, although they rarely exceed waist height every day. Beginner surfers can practice their surfing skills at Surfers Beach or Boca Chica on the South Coast. These places offer suitable breaks on specific days. Show more

Are there any dangerous sea creatures to be aware of while surfing in Dominican Republic?

Surfing in Dominican Republic is generally safe and fun without worrying about dangerous sea creatures. You may encounter harmless jellyfish, but they are rare. Be careful of sea urchins and rocks near the shore and wear protective reef boots or surf shoes. Sunburn and extreme heat are other hazards to look out for. Wear sunscreen and stay hydrated while surfing. Show more

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