Best time to go to Dominican Republic

New Year's Eve 2023-2024

The final countdown in the tropical climate is a lifetime experience

Spending New Year's Eve in the Dominican Republic should be on everyone's bucket list. Sandy beaches of Punta Cana host many wild parties, where the feasts won't stop until dawn.

To have luck in the new year, Dominicans follow many peculiar customs. The first rule is to wear the right color of clothes during the big night. Each color represents different wishes: white for good health, green for money, and yellow for better work opportunities. Another tradition is to throw away old, unused belongings. As the new year knocks on a door, locals must greet it with a clean home. Later, a massive dinner accompanies the celebration. It includes empanadas, Ensalada Rusa, and of course, rum.

One of the fanciest celebrations takes place in Coco Bongo, Punta Cana. Other glamorous destinations include Bavaro and its casinos, resorts at Cabeza de Toro, Cap Cana Golf Clubs, etc. If celebrating on a budget, multiple public beaches of Punta Cana or the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo are great spots to watch the fireworks. The Jarabacoa region will be suitable for outdoor celebrations in the wild.

While December is freezing in many countries, the Dominican Republic excites with its eternal summer. Average temperatures range between 70°F and 82°F (21°C and 28°C). Note that the weather varies from region to region, and mountainous areas like Jarabacoa or San Jose de Ocoa will be colder.

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