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Scheveningen New Year’s Dive—Nieuwjaarsduik in The Netherlands

A typical Dutch tradition with a chilly turn!

Best time: January 1

Scheveningen New Year’s Dive—Nieuwjaarsduik
Scheveningen New Year’s Dive—Nieuwjaarsduik

​Traditional New Year's dive is basically thousands of people getting a swim in a freezingly cold water anywhere around them. Since these things tend to get commercialized, the chilling plunge is an organized activity managed by a big soup brand.​

If you are lucky, you can taste hot chocolate or Dutch pea soup afterwards. It is a lot of fun! On average, 10,000 people take a swim this day on the beach of Scheveningen! If you want some place less crowded go for another location out of 60 possible around the Netherlands.

For more details and the latest updates, please check with the official website (see External Resources below.) Also, take a look at the map suggesting the best accommodations nearby.

Practical info

When does the Scheveningen New Year’s Dive occur?

The activity takes place every January 1st and helps usher in the new year. It should be noted that its organization starts in the morning and that signing on early is important to avoid crowds. Detailed information about the event is, however, available on their website, along with any updates or scheduling modifications. Show more

What is a good location to avoid the Scheveningen New Year’s Dive crowds?

Though there are numerous locations to participate in New Year’s Dives in the Netherlands with over 60 options, choosing a less popular but accessible place is a smart way to avoid crowds. These locations will provide a comparable experience to the popular Scheveningen Beach. The New Year’s Dive official website has this list of locations available for picking. Show more

What is the typical number of participants in Scheveningen's New Year’s Dive?

Scheveningen Beach's New Year’s Dive has approximately 10,000 participants on average. Changes in weather and other factors might cause this number to waver. To successfully participate, attendees will need to arrive early for registration and carry warm clothes and towels. Hot food and drinks are also available for purchase at the venue. Show more

What other New Year’s Dive activities are available?

Live performances, music events, and prize-winning games are some of the numerous activities provided on the beach during New Year’s Dive events other than the diving contest. The event’s website has everything you'll need to know. Some people engage in charitable activities or put on costumes to participate in charity events related to the New Year’s Dive. Show more

Does Scheveningen New Year’s Dive adhere to safety measures?

Institutions responsible for Scheveningen New Year’s Dive attach considerable importance to safety measures. On-site, volunteers and medical professionals are available to assist participants. Before plunging into the water, participant safety tips include keeping warm, covering one's head, and removing all jewelry or metal. The wearing of an identification bracelet is also compulsory. Patrols of the water and raising of safety flags alert swimmers of any hazard. Show more

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