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New Year Celebrations in Vágur 2020-2021

The New Year celebration in Vágur, a town on the island of Suðuroy, is one of the most stunning celebrations in the world. It involves throwing torches on the wooden boats, carrying flags, putting up the gates and singing


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The town of Vágur has a long time tradition of celebrating New Year. The whole preparation starts during the daytime when the petrol cans are gathered on the highway Eggjarvegur opposite to the Triangle Square, which is the main location for the party to come. Then two gates are put up, one with the present year on and some wishes for the ​New Year, and the other one - with the year to come. Later, around midnight, the procession with torches and flags will pass through the gates and line up on the Triangle Square around the old wrecked wooden boat and sing: "Tíðin rennur sum streymur í á" (English: "Time flows away like the water in a river"). After the singing, ​they put the boat on fire and the fireworks start immediately. A truly unforgettable experience that is unique on Faroes.

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