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Rowing Competitions or Kappróður 2023

Wooden boat racing competition—a little bit of sporting excitment

Rowing Competitions or Kappróður
Rowing Competitions or Kappróður

Rowing is something that Faroese adore. Perhaps the reason is the peculiarity of the traditional wooden boats, or perhaps the instinctive affection to the rough waters acquired throughout life in this distant place. One way or another, to witness any of the competitions seems to be quite an interesting goal. To spice it up a bit more, every year the locations that hold the event change (apart from Norðoyastevna in Klaksvik as the first location and Ólavsøka in Tórshavn with the final competition).

The total number of competitions is seven and the grande finale always takes place in Tórshavn during the Ólavsøka festivities. Most of the competitions are devoted to some theme or topic. One of the most prominent is the one on Nolsoy island called Ovastevna, which commemorates Ove Joensen (the man managed to row from Nolsoy to Copenhagen!). So prepare yourself to get a lot of sports​ excitement!

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