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Corona J-Bay Classic 2024

A pro tournament in one of world's best surfing destinations

Dates: June 14–23, 2024

Corona J-Bay Classic
Corona J-Bay Classic
Jeffreys Bay.

Jeffreys Bay has been a long-standing destination for surfing since the early 1980s, hosting multiple events which put some of the most skilled surfers against each other. Sponsored by Corona and organized by the World Surf League, J-Bay Classic is a one-of-a-kind specialty competition that takes place at Supertubes Surf Break and features dozens of elite surfers riding the waves. Impressive rail work, high-intensity performances, powerful barrels are just some of the things you'll witness at J-Bay Classic.

J-Bay Classic Program

This pro contest includes individual and team competitions, as well as a Local Trails contest. The individual part of the program features two intense rounds, during which athletes showcase their skills on twin-fin and thruster surfboards, which feature two and three fins, respectively. Both boards have their pros and cons in different surfing conditions, which only a true master of this sport can demonstrate. The final four contestants, both men and women, compete on the Finals Day of the J-Bay Classic.

Local Trails competition is a great chance to witness up-and-coming talent in surfing, who will compete for a spot in the contest. Another integral part of the J-Bay Classic is the team round, which consists of a 45-minute stand-off for each of the six participating teams.

Surf Competition Participants

The tournaments at Jeffreys Bays have always been filled to the brim with an impressive all-star lineup, comprised of surfing veterans, pros, and young rising talent. This year, you'll have an opportunity to observe in action in the women's division such aces, as Alana Blanchard, Coco Ho, Stephanie Gilmore, Sierra Kerr, Sage Erickson, and Sally Fitzgibbons. The male division features Sean Holmes, Kelly Slater, Mason Ho, Michael February, Josh Kerr, Travis Logie, Mark Occhilupo, James Ribbink,Jack Freestone, Adriano De Souza, and Owen Wright.

Local Trails features the best of the best from World Surf League Africa. This round of competition includes craftsmanship demonstrations by female surfers Sarah Baum, Jessie van Niekerk, Louise Lepront, Faye Zoetmulder, Sophie Bell, and Zoe Steyn. Among male contests, you'll witness Teva Bouchgua, Shaun Joubert, Thomas Lindthorst, Jordy Maree, Connor Slijpen, and many others.

Surf Festival

During the competition run, all the contestants and spectators can also unwind at the Surf Festival attractions, which feature music, lots of food and beverages, fishing, and a plethora of fun. This year's ParkOff J-Bay Festival boasts an impressive lineup consisting of Rob van Vuuren, Majozi, Dean Fuel, Desmond & The Tutus, and more. Tickets to music performances cost 200 South African rands for one day and 450 South African rands for a weekend pass.


The event takes place from August 14th until August 23rd. The local trails will unfold from August 14th until August 16th. The ParkOff and Surf Festival activities span during the competition run.


Jeffreys Bay is located off the N2 Highway, about 75 km from Port Elizabeth. In the 1960s, it was known as hippie heaven until the surf community took over. Kelly Slater and other pros praise Jeffreys Bay as the best right-hand point break in the world. There are also a few animal sanctuaries nearby to explore between the surfing competitions.

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