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JULY 22 - AUGUST 01:JULY 22 - AUGUST 01:


Avenue of the Baobabs

June–August • nature

Take a relaxing walk amidst the huge blooming trees on the Avenue of Baobabs

Stone Forest Tsingy de Bemaraha

May–November • nature

Tsingy astonishes with its razor-sharp limestone spires summits as well as its exotic inhabitants

White Water Rafting

mid-July–mid-February • activity

Madagascan white waters provide excellent routes for novices and experienced rafters

Dancing with the Dead

early June–late August • event

At Famadihana festival Malagasy families dance with the dead


May–December • activity

Large whale sharks, dolphins, manta rays and turtles - marine life of Madagascar is colourful and super rich

Suspension Bridges

June–October • activity

Rope bridges of Tsingy de Bemaraha and Tsingy of Ankarana National Parks are ranked among the most dangerous footpaths found in the world


early April–late November • activity

Wind and waves of Madagascar are made for kitesurfers

Sea Kayaking

May–November • activity

Sea kayaking provides excellent opportunities to explore pristine intact beaches

Fishing at Lake Itasy

April–November • activity

Lake Itasy surrounded with volcanic landscapes is a dream of every fisherman

Breadfruits Season

February–August • food

Breadfruit fries are as tasty as french fries, yet they cost one tenth of potatoes’ price

Whale Watching

early June–late September • nature

Acrobatic humpback whales perform spectacular leaps above the ocean

Lobster Season

July–September • food

Try delicious lobster cooked in local style


July–October • activity

Madagascar perfect waves invite for a breathtaking surfing experience



August–November • nature

Have you seen how chameleon changes colours? The world's smallest species is found only in Madagascar

Indri Lemur

May–June • nature

Indri lemurs sing like whales, care like humans, sunbathe like tourists and look like panda

Jurassic​ Park with Lemurs

mid-September–October • nature

Canyons of Isalo conceal turquoise pools, beautiful frogs, colourful birds and dormant lemurs.

Independence Day

June 26 • event

“Hira Gasy” or musical presentation of Malagasy folklore – the highlight of the Independence Day celebration

Baby Lemurs

October–November • nature

The only place in the world where you can see the many lemurs and their babies in the wild

Cocoa Harvest Season

October–November | May–June • food

Madagascar is famous for high-quality cocoa

Betsiboka River

December–February • nature

Looks like wide streams of carrot juice have split over Madagascan gorges

Pirates' Cemetery

November • activity

30 pirates’ graves, a goblet of coco rum and the odour of dried cloves will enchant everyone.

Hot Springs and Waterfalls of Ranomafana

early October–late November • activity

A freshly cut bamboo branch is enough to lure a golden bamboo lemur closer

Caving with Crocodiles​

November–April • activity

Challenge yourself in the caves inhibited by bats, crocodiles and other creatures

Exotic Fruits Season

September–late December • food

Lychees, passionfruits, jackfruits, muskmelons – gifts from Madagascar unsparing summer.

Beach Season

September–December • activity

Beach holidays in Madagascar can be combined with wildlife exploration

Bird Watching

late August–late December • activity

Twittering of colorful birds fills Malagasy rainforests

Orchids Spotting

January–March • nature

Orchids have adapted to growing on the trees and rocky outcrops

Jacaranda Tree

mid-September–mid-November  • nature

Purple crowns, purple floral snow and purple carpets – the privileges of Jacaranda trees

Sakalava Weavers

September • nature

Yellow-headed Sakalava veawers decorate Malagasy forests with hivelike nests.