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Wildebeest Migration

August–October • nature

Witness one of the greatest miracles of the world

Safari Adventure

January–March | July–October • activity

Go on safari when there is scarcity of water to see the most of animals at once.

Balloon Trips

October–February • activity

See the wildebeast migration from the flying balloon

Whale Shark Watching

October–April • activity

Witness the gentle giants—whale sharks during their migration

Tea Growing Season

October–December | March–June • nature

Kenya is one of the best tea growing regions with a swirl of volcanic taste.

Birding at Great Rift Valley

October–March • activity

Birding in Kenya is a superb and mesmerizing activity.


October–March • activity

With over 1000 underwater species, diving in Kenya becomes extraordinary.

Coffee Harvest

October–December • activity

Kenyan coffee is definitely world's new favourite. Delicate and vibrant, it brings the taste of Africa with a little hint of lemon and blackberry.

Beach Season

June–February • activity

Kenya is the perfect destination for beach holiday and safari adventure combined.

Snake Safari

June–October • activity

Safari is so much more than just lions, rhinos or even elephants. Try snake safari instead!

Manta Ray

October • activity

One of the most mesmerizing water creatures, manta rays are also the least-known.

Orchid Bloom

June–December • nature

One of the most beautiful flowers on Earth, an orchid is the biggest product at the Kenyan flower market

Gloriosa Lily

October–May • nature

A herbaceous plant that is as toxic as beautiful.


East African Safari Classic Rally

November 27–December 06, 2019 • event

The toughest terrain, classical cars, speechless beauty - the rally not to forget!

Newborn Animals

November–May • activity

If you need some cuteness while on safari, go now!

Rhino Charge

June 01, 2019 • event

Join the off-road motor competition for the good cause of saving the environment

Lamu Cultural Festival

November 22–25, 2018 • event

Dhow and donkey races, as well as ancient games and music, everything specific to Lamu culture is waiting for you now!

Flamingos on the Rift Valley Lakes

November–May • nature

There are just a few spots on our planet which can boast 1.5 million flamingos colony

Mount Kenya Ascent

late December–early March • activity

Second highest African mountain is a home to diverse animals and beautiful landscapes.

Marsabit Lake Turkana Cultural Festival

June 28–30, 2018 • event

The three day celebration of multicultural Kenya

New Year's Lamu Dhow Race

January 01 • event

Watch or join the ancient dhow race in Kenya during the New Year's celebration.

Bull Fighting Events

January–February | July–August • event

Extremely noisy, full of adrenaline, and a vibrant cultural event - bull fighting in Kakamega will change you view on fun.

Naivasha Flower Farm

February • nature

Kenya has become one of the biggest exporters of roses that bloom year round.

The Kenya Safari Sevens: Rugby

November 09–11, 2018 • event

Rugby in Kenya is a major event that annually brings much excitement in Nairobi

Flowering of Kenya Coffee Plants

March–April • nature

Coffee is not just a drink, it is also a wonderful flower.

Dolphins and Whales Spotting

August • activity

Dolphins are often regarded as super smart and cute. Check if it's true on Wasini island

Avocado Season

March–mid September • food

Competing for the most divine avocado, Kenya is among most promising producers.


November 20–25, 2018 • event

An islamic holiday celebrating the birth of the Prophet Mohammed.

Rift Valley Odyssey

September 25–29, 2018 • event

Cycling the adventurous African terrain will bring the pages of "National Geographic" to life

Nairobi Marathon

October 28, 2018 • event

Run 42 kilometres with best marathoners of the world