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Dolphins and Whales Spotting in Kenya

Dolphins are often regarded as super smart and cute. Check if it's true on Wasini island

Best time: August

Both dolphins and whales come to this part of Kenyan coast to calve and nurse during this period. Therefore, you will have lots of opportunities to see dolphins around Wasini island. Take a tour on a boat to get a closer look.

Practical info

When is the best time to see dolphins and whales in Kenya?

Dolphins and whales are best spotted in Kenya between July and August when they visit this part of the coast to breed and nurse their young. Additionally, August-September or October-December are the best months to see humpback whales during their migratory season. These incredible animals can be seen up close and personal and should be enjoyed responsibly. Show more

Where is the best location to spot dolphins in Kenya?

There is no better place to see dolphins in Kenya than Wasini Island. The coral-reef-surrounded island is situated on the southern coast, and a dhow boat ride from Diani Beach, Mombasa or Shimoni gets you there. Visitors can watch dolphin pods safely and respectfully in a controlled environment as they frolic in the island's waters. Show more

How can I book a boat tour around Wasini island?

Booking a boat tour around Wasini Island is effortless. Several local tour operators offer the service, and it is recommended to book early to secure a spot. Tour booking can be done ahead of time on the operators' website or on-site. Included in the 3-4 hour tour are various refreshments, like light lunch or fresh fruit, and snorkeling gear. Show more

What other marine life can I see while on the boat tour?

A boat tour around Wasini Island or Watamu Marine National Reserve is an exciting adventure that allows visitors to see various marine life. You can spot exotic creatures like sea turtles, barracudas, moray eels, and manta rays, as well as lots of colorful fish species. The ideal outfit includes sunscreen and reef-safe products, a towel, and swimsuit to facilitate snorkeling and exploring of the coral reefs rich in marine life. Show more

Is it safe to swim with the dolphins in Kenya?

Swimming with dolphins in Kenya is not recommended to preserve their natural habitat and help avoid distress to these animals. It is especially dangerous during breeding season as the pods can become aggressive and territorial. To preserve them, the majestic creatures should enjoy an admired distance that lets them thrive undisturbed. Show more

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