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Lovina Dolphin Watching

The premier dolphin watching spot in Bali

Lovina Dolphin Watching in Bali 2019 - Best Time
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Lovina, located in North Bali, is a quiet resort town with an 8-km beach. It is famous for black sand and dolphin watching tours that have become one of the main attractions of the area. Dolphin pods in Lovina were often following fishing boats leading local fishermen to sardines and mackerels. Now the fishermen make money showing their sea friends to tourists.

Lovina Dolphin Watching in Bali - Best Season 2019

Most hotels of Dolphin Beach Bali and The Lovina offer dolphin watching tours all year round. Boats leave in the early morning at 05:30 a.m., like a regular fishing trip. Boats are motorized, but at sea, they shut down the engine and wait for different species of dolphins to come close. Spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris) is seen the most frequently. A dolphin watching tour usually lasts for 30 minutes.

Best time for Lovina Dolphin Watching in Bali 2019

Dolphins can be seen all year round. However, between February and April, the sea becomes turbulent and unfavorable. Therefore, the best time is from May to January. Also keep in mind that July–August and December are the peak tourist seasons in Lovina, so it could be crowded.