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Dolphin Cove

Witness a variety of animals in one of the main attractions of Jamaica

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Jamaica's Dolphin Cove is so unique that you will remember it for a lifetime. One Dolphin Cove is located in Ocho Rios on the north coast of Jamaica and another—in Montego Bay. Both of them offer dolphins, sharks, parrots, stingrays and other animals to see all year round.

You can experience the adventure of not only swimming with dolphins in their natural environment but also spending the day enjoying lots of fun activities. There is something for everyone!

Dolphin Cove Jamaica is full of natural beauty. Hiking the Jungle Trail, you will see many different plants, trees, and wild animals. At Dolphin Cove, the environment of the species is fully respected, and tourists are also expected to follow the rules and cause no harm to this incredible site.

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