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Best time to travel to Jamaica

Ganja Farms

Cannabis or ganja is considered to be the third touchstone of Jamaica apart from reggae music and Rastafari

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Even though weed is regarded as illegal in large amounts, cannabis consumption plays a major role in Jamaica's public image.

Bondservants imported cannabis from India to Jamaica between the 1850s–1860s. Since then, outdoor pot growers from all around the world try to learn from techniques used by their Jamaican colleagues, as they have a wide variety of conditions and terrain to work with. For example, the Blue Mountain plantation rises more than 7400 feet above sea level. Humidity and temperature in some parts of this mountainous region are moderated by rain and wind. It receives 200 inches of rain a year. On contrary, coastal regions, plateaus, and lowland areas receive higher temperatures and far lower amounts of rain, falling from May through June and October through November.

So if you are heading to Jamaica in search of sativas, plan your trip from April until October when plants have had 4 months to cycle. However, ganja is grown in Jamaica all year round, and you may enjoy a tour to one of the local plantations any time you come.

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