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Mango Season

When a single fruit replaces the meal

Best time: April–August

Mango Season
Mango Season
Mango Season
Mangoes in the yard
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Jamaica is a mango heaven, there is even a folk song called "Mango Time". It was written to celebrate delicious mangoes, showing how much love is given to this juicy fruit. There is also a mango festival in the parish of Westmoreland.

Mango goes ripe around April or May and their season comes to an end about July or August. During this period, trees in Jamaica are literally interspersed with mangoes, and their fresh sweet aroma is hanging in the air. These fruits are included in the breakfast buffet at hotels and are on sale at almost every trading stall.

Each sort has a different degree of sweetness, flavour, and texture. Mangoes can be eaten even when they green with salt, and black pepper sprinkled on it.

The pulp of this exotic fruit contains a lot of vitamins and other nutrients when the peel is rich in such minerals as beta-carotene and omega-3.

Mangoes are perfect ingredients for jellies, chutney, ice-cream, jams, punch or pie. Green mangoes can be used as a meat tenderizer.

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