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Green, yellow, and red—very sour, moderately sour, and sweet—you decide what to eat


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When you see a basket of the oval-shaped fruit of green, yellow, and red colours it means you've found the legendary Guatemalan jocotes. The brighter the colour, the riper the fruit and also the sweeter it is. Along with ripe red jocotes, locals also love the sourer unripe ones and dip them in salt before eating. Tourists who happen to sample the green variety often complain that it is unbearably tart and salt does not help. It is even said to dry out all the moisture in one's mouth. However, many locals still prefer it while unripe. A wise Italian proverb states: "There is no disputing about tastes" so it is up to you what to eat and what to like. Foodies already captivated with the idea of sour green jocote will find a lot in the beginning of jocote season in July, whereas the ripest fruits are available by the end of the season in October. On Christmas, one may sample delici​ous festive desserts made of jocotes cooked with various seasonings named "jocotes en dulce."

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