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Kasaronja or Water Caltrop

Have you ever try a water caltrop? Did you even know that such a fruit exists? Come to Montenegro and try it!

Best time: October

Kasaronja or Water Caltrop

​Water walnut is a strange fruit that grows on water and has a weird taste. However, it is edible and Montenegrins like it. The sweet taste of water caltrop or kasaronja, as locals call it, is reminiscent of coconut. In the past, it was used for making bread, but now this is not a common thing, so people usually eat it raw.

This fruit grows on water and in Montenegro you can definitely find it at Skadar Lake. Water caltrop seem a bit weird: they have an irregular shape, dark color, and don’t look really attractive. Yet, they are rich in starch and other nutritional ingredients.

Last updated: by Eleonora Provozin