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Fresh, dried, or frozen—this fruit remains absolutely delicious


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If chili peppers are the most popular seasoning for main dishes in Peru, then lucuma is the most favourite ingredient for Peruvian desserts.

Lucuma is native to the Andean valleys, so you won't miss it in the market if you come to Peru between January and March. Raw and fresh lucuma is sometimes called an eggfruit for good reason. Its flesh is coloured in bright yellow and reminiscent of a boiled yolk by texture. Lucuma tastes either like a sweet potato or a custard with maple syrup. It is so sweet that it's dried powder can be used as a sweetener in baked goods.

In addition to looking for fresh lucuma, do not forget to ask for lucuma ice cream regardless of the season and weather. This dessert is a favourite of Peruvians, after Inca Kola.

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